Unblock Saigon: Blockchain Scalability – Challenges and Future Directions


In the current market, many blockchain startups have started to focus heavily on building the technological infrastructure that will enable blockchain to thrive in the long term. Blockchain protocols create an irrefutable system of agreement between various devices across a distributed network, with many protocols developing innovative scaling solutions to handle large transaction volumes. However, there are still immense challenges with enhancing blockchain scalability. What are these challenges and how can we approach these issues in the near future?

This Unblock Saigon meetup will feature the following players:

  • Switzerland-based Liquidity Network is an off-chain payment ecosystem offering zero fees and instant transfers. It supports the exchange of digital assets, scales like a bank but doesn’t hold funds.
  • Kardiachain aims to create a unified ecosystem where developers can easily create smart contracts that can run on multiple blockchains, i.e to optimise costs and avoid congestion and can communicate with smart contracts on other chains in a trustless and secure manner.


6.30PM- 7.00PM: Doors Open

7.00PM- 7.15PM: Welcome by Unblock Organizers

7.15PM- 7.30PM: George Sedky (Core Developer, Liquidity Network)

7.30PM- 7.45PM: Tri Pham (Co-founder & CEO, Kardiachain)

7.45PM- 8.15PM: Panel Discussion

8.15PM- 8.25PM: Q&A Session

8.25PM- 9.00PM: Networking Session


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28 Mar 2019

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