Unblock Saigon: Blockchain for Gaming


CryptoKitties is barely a year old and it has already created a whole new subdomain of blockchain gaming. The innovative concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), defined by tokens having unique characteristics such that there is only one of each token, creates a supply constraint that makes these tokens rare and consequently valuable in theory. Many startups began to emerge, building games through NFT technology. Other startups focus on non-fungible token trading, or wallets that can store these unique tokens. The ecosystem of Blockchain Gaming has grown rapidly over the past year.

Vietnam sees the video gaming industry as a major employer in the games production industry, well suited to the young, dynamic engineers and artists in the country. The number of gamers rose to nearly 40 million in 2017, from 13 million in 2013. As one of the countries in Asia with the fastest growth of gamers, Vietnam could present immense opportunities for companies developing blockchain games. These companies will share how they contribute towards a better and more trustful ecosystem in games.

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28 Feb 2019

Dreamplex Nguyen Trung Ngan


Asia Blockchain Review

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