RSK Embassy Launch Bangkok


Welcome to RSK inaugural Embassy Program opening in Thailand! In this opening of RSK Embassy program you will get to learn about RSK and smart contract on Bitcoin This is the first time RSK is hosting an Embassy Program globally

At this event, RSK leaders will share briefly about RSK and the vision for RSK Embassy program in Thailand. The previous RSK Bangkok Hackathon will share about the experience and developing on RSK. Follow up by a panel discussion on what type of smart contract should be choose.

We welcome entrepreneurs, developers or enthusiasts to join us for this event. Come foster new relationships with a curated group of key industry player and thought leaders. Sit back, relax and network with an evening of beverages and some light food.

See you on Friday, September 20th, 2019 from 6:30 – 9:30 pm at Huobi Club (formerly Bitfish), Empire Tower, 42nd floor, Tower 3, BTS Chongnonsi


+ 6.30PM – 7.00PM: Registration & Networking

+ 7.00PM – 7.05PM: Opening Remarks by MC

+ 7.05PM – 7.45PM: What is RSK and the vision of the Embassy Program in Thailand by Keynote Speaker: Henry Sreigman, SEA Regional Director at RSK

+ 7:45PM – 8.00PM: Building on Bitcoin, Nattapon Nimakul CTO KULAP & RSK Hackathon Bangkok Winner

+8:00PM – 8.35PM: Panel Discussion: World of Smart Contract, Which one you should select?

Moderator: Akaradet Diawpanich, CEO Cryptomind

Panelist: Henry Sreigman, SEA Regional Director at IOV Labs, Sathapon Patanakuha CEO Smart Contract Thailand,Nattapon Nimakul CTO KULAP

+ 8.30PM – 8.40PM: Q&A Session & Wrap Up

+ 8.40PM – 8.45PM: Closings Remarks by Sirikan Kamnimnul, Head of Marketing, Huobi Thailand

+ 8.45PM – 9.00PM: Networking Session

Come for a friendly evening of talks, and connect with RSK, as well as the leading player in the Thailand Blockchain ecosystem… Sign up now!

Organizer: RSK, Tokenomi

Media Partner: Bitcoin-Addict, Blockchain-Review, Asia Blockchain Review

Venue Sponsor: Huobi Thailand

About Speaker : Henry Sreigman, SEA Regional Director at RSK

Sathapon Patanakua, CEO and Founder of SmartContract (Thailand) Co, Ltd.

Nattapon Nimakul CTO KULAP

About Organizer :
RSK is the most secure smart contract network in the world and the first one to bring business logic to the Bitcoin Network expanding its value and functionality by providing smart contracts and greater scalability to the whole ecosystem.

Tokenomi is a venture builder and advisor supporting the development of blockchain startups and in South East Asia. Tokenomi is led by Alexis Nicosia, co-founder of Seedcoin, first global incubator of blockchain startups.

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20 Sep 2019

Empire Tower, 42nd floor, Tower 3, BTS Chongnonsi



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