National Blockchain Challenge 2019


Blockchain is an emerging technology that is increasingly incorporated into enterprises due to its immutable, reliable and decentralized nature. Through the National Blockchain Challenge 2019, we are looking for blockchain and technology enthusiasts who want to design the future of work with us

The future of work is defined by two elements. Firstly, there is increasing globalization resulting in the gig-economy, which may result in many freelancers not being paid in an accountable, inclusive and trusted manner. Secondly, automation will inevitably result in the indiscriminate wiping out of many professions, and many workers will be displaced. Against this backdrop, how can we use blockchain technology to design a better future of work?

The National Blockchain Challenge 2019 connects institutional, academic, developer and student communities. We encourage teams to build blockchain applications that can result in fairer, more equitable, empowered and prosperous work of the future.



  • Workshops: Learn from the industry experts
  • Preliminary hackathon: Prepare your slide decks

14-16 June

  • Final hackathon: Create your prototype and pitch

16 June

  • Hackathon judging day
  • Panel discussion
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14-16 Jun 2019

Lifelong Learning Institute


National Blockchain Challenge

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