2nd Global Islamic FinTech Summit 2019


This year, Elmangos will co-locate and combine the two main flagship events of the Global Islamic Economy Convention (GIEC, now rebranded as IDEX) and the annual Global Islamic Fintech Summit (GIFS) into one mega event with an expected audience of more than 900. This will be the ultimate event to engage the Muslims of the modern age: The Global Islamic Fintech Summit featuring the Islamic Digital Economy Experience (IDEX) 2019.

There are now 1.8 Billion Muslims in the world now, a demographic that accounts for nearly a quarter of the world population. The likes and dislikes of this community in terms of products and services will become a megatrend that all businesses will have to take note of. At the same time, for those who wish to start new businesses, there is a huge market waiting to be tapped. So the rise and growth of the Islamic economy is a prime business opportunity as well.

The year 2019 marks the culmination of 3 years of efforts by Elmangos in producing dynamic events that bring together the best speakers to address the most pressing and trending topics related to entrepreneurship, Islamic economy and Fintech in the Muslim world and Beyond.

IDEX will be the first event that gathers and facilitates the development of the full Islamic economy ecosystem. From the core components of the traditional Islamic Economy including the thriving Halal food industry, EdTech (Education Technology), Modest fashion, Muslim friendly travel and more. IDEX will expose participants to the major players of these business segments and update them on the latest issues. This event is targeted to all those who work in the Halal industry and Islamic economy and want to know how they will be impacted and also play a role as the Islamic Digital Economy continues to grow and evolve. With plenty of showcased companies and products, IDEX is where you can experience and interact with the future of the Islamic economy.

IDEX will be co-located with the popular GIFS, which will focus specifically on Islamic Fintech and the latest issues in the industry. New trends will be discussed such as applications of blockchain and IoT in the Halal industry, new updates and ideas in payments, crowdfunding and RegTech. The ecosystem support provided by GIFS includes bringing together the most important players such as Islamic banks, VCs, Incubators, accelerators, regulators and startup entrepreneurs under one roof to produce enlightening ideas and solutions that are comprehensive. In addition, special networking sessions will ensure that everyone can engage and collaborate with the stakeholders they seek.

IDEX will feature the following elements:

  • Insights into the latest things happening in the expanding Islamic digital economy
  • Bridging the gap of collaboration between the Islamic finance industry and the greater tech industry in general
  • New developments on Halal food tech and EdTech
  • A spotlight on the Halal tourism industry, it’s growth and opportunities
  • Features of prominent Halal fashion entrepreneurs and their products
  • Tips and strategies on Halal branding
  • New Islamic economy initiatives
  • Ecosystem Partnerships


  1. Providing informative presentations on Islamic fintech related topics to keep the public up to date on the latest trends and developments.
  2. Provide an environment for constructive exchanges of ideas.
  3. Facilitate business development of startups by providing opportunities to meet investors.
  4. Bridging policy and understanding gaps between entrepreneurs and regulators.
  5. Allowing accelerators and incubators to put themselves on the map and attract global talent.
  6. Allowing the greater talent pool of the global Islamic Economy to mingle and interact to spur new ideas, collaborations, and ventures.


  • Start-ups and Entrepreneurs
  • Islamic Financial Institutions
  • Innovators/Incubators and Accelerators
  • Halal Businesses
  • VCs and Private equity
  • FinTech Solutions Providers
  • Asset Management Companies
  • Economists and Analysts
  • Shari’ah Advisors
  • Regulators and Policymakers
  • Technology and Data providers
  • Researchers and Academics


  • 1st Day, Tuesday, 1st October 2019

The Global Islamic Fintech Summit

  • 2nd Day, Wednesday, 2nd October 2019:

The Islamic Digital Economy Xperience & IDEX Awards

  • 3rd Day, Thursday, 3rd October 2019:

Masterclasses and ecosystem tour

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01-03 Oct 2019



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