Dappathon tour – HCMC


Welcome to Dapp.com’s #Dappathon Tour – Ho Chi Minh!

What is a Dappathon?

Dappathon is the first hackathon for Decentralized Applications (Dapps). It is the ultimate event for learning, networking with industry and technical experts and have lots of fun in building Dapps along with mentors. You will gain the tools and knowledge to bring your innovative decentralized tech ideas to the real world.

It is comprised of two main events:
28th September 2018: Blockchain Development Bootcamp
29th-30th September 2018: Dappathon

First Prize: USD 3,000 !
Second Prize: USD 1,000
Third Prize: USD 700
Consolation Prize: TBD

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28 Sep 2018



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