Blockchain Technology Application & Outlook In The Banking Industry


An insight on Blockchain Technology, how it is expanding in the Philippines and the banking industry. Use case discussions and in-depth understanding on blockchain technology for the banking industry.

Who should attend this event?

This event is suitable for people looking at understanding how Blockchain Technology could benefit the banking industry and what are the current use cases in the region.

  • If you are interested to know the current Blockchain Technology trends around the region
  • If you are interested in hearing about uses cases on Blockchain Technology
  • You understand the shift in markets but want to know how you can adapt to the situation as well.
  • You have questions about what you should do next and would like to ask experts on their take.

Guest Speakers:

  • Mr. Eugenio “Jin” M. Gonzalez,

UnionBank – Blockchain Partnerships Lead

Distributed Ledger Technology Association of the Philippines DLTAP – Executive Director

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If you have any questions for Mr. Eugenio, please email it over to [email protected]

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08 Jun 2020

Online Event


Asia Blockchain Review

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