AngelHack’s Global Hackathon Series – Tokyo


AngelHack’s Global Hackathon Series is coming to Tokyo this weekend! This brings passionate groups of people who are CODERS, ENTREPRENEURS, and DESIGNERS to invent the new and make changes happen, together.
Join the event at #AH2019 Hackathon June 29-30 along with partners from @IBM, @AWS, Mercari, and Emurgo, and win:
Prizes up to $5000!
Opportunity to win Oculus headset, sponsored by Mercari!
Build your own dApp sponsored by Emurgo!
Best team gets admitted to AngelHack’s HACKcelerator program – valued at $25,000
Explore new career opportunities with top-tiers tech company!
Last year, nearly 10,000 innovators have joined us in this global movement. SIGN UP TODAY with code AH2019 for 50% off
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29-30 Jun 2019

Kirarito Ginza 11F



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