2018 ASEAN Digital Assets Summit



Thailand is the “Focal Point” in ASEAN countries and has a huge market of nearly 70 million populations. The government is accelerating the layout of digital infrastructure and technology to achieve the 2021 economic development plan. Thailand has rapidly introduced and improved its policies because of the blooming market of digital assets. Thailand has gradually emerged as the center of the Southeast Asia Blockchain.

Immense seized the opportunity when the international currency and Blockchain communities are experiencing huge change, the Asian Blockchain enterprises are looking for base, and the Thai policy framework is constantly improving. There will be 1000+ attendees, 30+ executives, 50+ speakers and 100+ media partners globally attending this event. It aims to attract the world’s capital, talents, and technology.


  • First blockchain summit focusing on building the blockchain center of ASEAN
  • Discussing on the hottest topics, such as the global trend of STO regulation and stable coin development
  • Attracted industrial experts, investment firms, government agencies, and media from ASEAN’s region, China and U.S., etc.
  • Selecting and awarding projects from the top 10 distinguish projects with the greatest potential development in ASEAN
  • Gathering 1000+ attendees, 50+ speakers, 100+ ASEAN media, 20+ strategic partners together
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9 Dec 2018

Bangkok Convention Centre at Central World


Onexpo & Spark Blockchain

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