Entrepreneurship and Blockchain: An Immersive Synergy

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April 3, 2020
Entrepreneurship and Blockchain: An Immersive Synergy

In 2020, technologies have evolved simultaneously and as we live and breathe, new developments are being made. Today, entrepreneurship is one of the key fundamental aspects of the community we live in. We look at the transformation of how a solid and concrete idea can create a huge change for the future of mankind. 

Entrepreneurship is all about simplifying every aspect of the traditional industry and highlighting the importance of a change. However, it is not about discriminating against any concept that has been utilised since the Golden Age; but to assist the development of the whole ecosystem further.

The buzzword for entrepreneurs nowadays; when it comes to Blockchain, is how cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers can be applied in its entirety to the business ecosystem. We are here to shed a light on the common questions that we receive from entrepreneurs across the world on this conversation.

Entrepreneurship and Blockchain: An Immersive Synergy

Fallacies and Misconceptions on Blockchain

First and foremost, Blockchain is not dollars and cents. The bubble of conversation of it being powered since the year 2017 of the cryptocurrency craze has changed as the industry market understands the value of high point trading above $16,000 USD.

Despite the slump of the current technology and so towards the value of the technology; certain investors believe that the usage of Blockchain is a great support that can reduce the true costs of production within time and advancement.

Entrepreneurship and Blockchain: An Immersive Synergy

Hierarchy of Values 

We are now living in the “Age of Information ” where finding and sharing information across the globe is merely a few fingertips away with search engines. In fact, the advent of social media is a cherry on top of the cake with all of these latest developments. It can be either traceable, transparent and integrated properly to move from a centralised to a distributed economy as a whole. On that basis, we see a growth of immersion for the world of chain and supply chain industries moving forward.

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