EMURGO Partners With Blue Korintji Coffee

Nurul Zamrè

June 25, 2020

The traceability solution offered by EMURGO can be tailored to various supply chain industries, according to the industry-specific needs of stakeholders. For the launch of this solution, EMURGO has decided to partner with Blue Korintji Coffee –  a local Indonesian coffee brand – to integrate this solution into their coffee supply chain to trace their coffee beans from farm to cup. 

This solution will reliably track Blue Korintji Coffee’s higher grade Arabica coffee beans through its supply chain and help to to differentiate its higher quality of coffee from other coffee beans across the nation. On that basis, Blockchain technology has played a huge role in making this a reality.

Coffee Is Always A Topic

Indonesia is ranked 4th globally in the total production of coffee and approximately, 10 million people in the country are involved economically in the coffee industry at large. Despite all of that, 96% of the coffee beans being produced is done by local and small farmers that lack technological resources. Moreover, these key individuals and small organisations receive little or no support from their governing entities to properly benefit from this large coffee production industry. Nevertheless, it is not a stopping point for any of them moving forward with technology taking place at its fast-paced rate.

Supply Chain Industry

The coffee market to begin with, is a huge industry when we look at the supply chain network. Having small farmers, roasters, processors, logistics companies, and others; highlights the necessity for technological blockchain solutions in providing the trust and transparency to the overall supply chain.

Currently, the traditional existing traceability methods used in supply chains are opaque and inefficient due to the factors just mentioned and some of these methods are still paper-based and use legacy tracking systems.

Solving The Problem: Future Technology

EMURGO Traceability Solution as a modern technological solution is designed to address these exact issues in various supply chain industries and add values especially to enterprises offering premium products where quality guarantees are of the highest priority.

Blockchain technology now offers simple, reliable, and cost-effective transparency and traceability at scale.

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