Digix Partners with Axie Infinity In Gaming

Nurul Zamrè

August 11, 2020

The world’s first asset-backed digital gold token, Digix has partnered with Axie Infinity on a digital game built on Ethereum, the global decentralized platform for money and new kinds of application.

In 2020 year and more, the new development of digitization enables players to collect, raise and battle fantasy creatures where they will be receiving in-game tokens that are backed and redeemable for physical investment-grade gold.

In the current economical changes, one can easily exchange an in-game currency via Axie-DGX tokens. Axie Infinity is a digital pet community that allows players battle, collect, trade and raise Axis where players can fuel-up these fantasy digital creates through quests, contests, mini games and special in-game events. 

Players Rule The Game

“Translate, liquid, and secured”, that is what is being described on the Axie Infinity marketplace that enables players to have complete ownership of their Axies and has the ability to trade and sell them in a secure manner. 

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Digix, Shaun Djie said the collaboration is not only a major milestone for the company, but a huge growth for the digital gold. He further highlighted its benefits across a range of industries that includes gaming. 

“By providing an in-game currency that is backed by gold, a time-tested, safe haven asset, we are remaining true to our vision of democratizing access to gold and further showcase the innovative use cases of digital gold.” added Shaun. 

Axie-DGX Tokens

From 20th of July to 2nd of August 2020 10 AM EST, players of Axie Infinity have the chance to earn Axie-GDX tokens as they complete in the seasonal event that is being organized. The Axie-DGX tokens will be rewarded as a random in-game drop with a total prize pool in US$1500 Axie-DGX tokens.

Aleksander Leonard Larsen, COO and Co-Founder of Axie Infinity said: “This initiative elevates the play-to-earn narrative to new heights. For the first time, players can earn real gold by simply playing a game. User-focused experiments that benefit and reward users are key to furthering the adoption of blockchain technology.”

Bullionix: 3D Collectibles

Through the campaign, limited edition 3D collectibles in the form of Axie-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be crafted by Bullionix. Up to date, each collectible has 0.25 DGX staked on-chain that belongs to the holder of the NFT.

For instance, A 0.1 DGX minting fee is setted in the same transaction on the same platform. In fact, the users of Axie Infinity will be able to access their overall transaction dashboard and transfer Axie-DGX into their personal wallet.

Henceforth, this method will allow users to have the option to mint the limited edition collectibles. In the whole spectrum of digital exchanges, traditional exchange rates are constantly changing as long as the demand of the currency in need.

However, for digital currency; demands are always increasing as the new transformational changes have introduced many collectables from e-wallet, cashless payment methods and more.

To sum up, if a person travels to any countries across the world, local currencies are to be used. But, with digitization of currency, everything is equal and easy to use.

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