DigiFinex’s First Anniversary: A Reminder of Why We Started, Forging Ahead

December 12, 2018

DigiFinex’s First Anniversary: A Reminder of Why We Started, Forging Ahead

DigiFinex ushers in its first birthday this December, 2018. In this past year, DigiFinex has grown from obscurity to becoming the first echelon exchange, progressing steadily.

Results Will Show in Time Whilst Every Step is Carefully Taken

DigiFinex officially launched in December, 2017. In 2017 through 2018, DigiFinex has always adhered to the core of safety, self-developing a matching trading system, IT security audit, hot and cold wallet isolation, smart wind control etc, creating a safe and stable trading platform. We understand users’ needs to provide them with a better market experience. With the launch of our first APP, manually reviewing authenticated names, MakerTaker & OTC going online, announcement of VIP levels, recruitment of marketing team, DigiFinex is able to go all out and make steadfast advancement.

First Anniversary’s Progress
Despite starting from ground zero, DigiFinex has made remarkable progress with registered and trade users exceeding 1 million and 300k respectively from more than 100 countries globally, over 500k APP downloads, a cumulative transaction volume of over US$60 billion and daily transaction volume amounting to more than US$400 million. Today, DigiFinex ranks top 10 in CoinMarketCap against other international exchanges and is ranked number one in Singapore. To date, DigiFinex has more than 100 currencies online and is supporting over a 100 digital asset trading pairs.

Remembering Our Roots, We Sincerely Thank Every User

DigiFinex knows that we are what we are today because of our supportive users. To show our appreciation, we have launched a series of celebratory activities from 01 December, 2018 onwards and millions of rewards have been given to users. First, rewarding new and existing users 10000DFT trial tokens, then awarding 0.02ETH for each successful user referral, and lastly, a giveaway of BTC rewards and a million of red packets, candy box spree and many other activities to give back to our loyal customers.

We will Always be Ready for the Next Big Opportunity

To DigiFinex, our first anniversary is a mark of a great teamwork and partnership. For our users, it may be a stepping stone to the blockchain arena. To enhance user-experience, we will be improvising our trading platform with focus on product, scientific knowledge and marketing events.

Every anniversary is a milestone to DigiFinex. We realize that as an active international digital asset exchange, we bear a great responsibility to further expand globally and promote our services worldwide.

Together, DigiFinex looks forward to spending every anniversary with you.

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