Decoding Libra – Understanding the Libra Coin and Blockchain Adoption

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July 22, 2019

Welcome to Unblock Bangkok in August! In this meetup, we will decode the mysterious Libra, a new cryptocurrency being developed by Facebook that focuses on financial services and seeks to create a stablecoin to facilitate ordinary consumer transactions online.

In this meetup, we will explain the key fundamental elements of cryptocurrency and provide an introduction to the Libra coin with talks and a panel discussion led by local and international panelists, including experts from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand, leading figures in the area of stablecoin cryptos, and representatives from the banking and finance sector. 

Join us for discussions about the challenges Facebook’s Libra could face entering the Thai market, regulatory issues, disruption towards blockchain adoption, and what the future holds. See you on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 from 6:30 – 9:30 pm at WeWork Thonglor, T-One Building, 20th floor, Bangkok!


  • 6.30PM – 7.00PM:  Registration & Networking 
  • 7.00PM – 7.10PM:  Opening Remarks by Unblock Bangkok
  • 7.10PM – 7.30PM:  Decoding Libra – Understanding the Libra Coin and Blockchain Adoption (Keynote Speaker: Dr. Bhume Bhumiratana, Consultant from SEC)  
  • 7.30PM – 8.10PM:   Panel Discussion: Libra’s Hype vs Truth  
  • 8.10PM – 8.20PM:   Q&A Session & Wrap Up
  • 8.20PM – 9.00PM:   Networking Session

Come for a friendly evening of talks, and connect with key players in the blockchain and crypto community. Sign up now!

Unblock is a monthly meetup series discussing the hottest topics in blockchain, held in three cities: Bangkok (Thailand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) to bring together key stakeholders and leading blockchain players for an eventful night of sharing and networking. We hope to continue fostering a strong community focusing on blockchain education and spreading awareness of how blockchain technology can positively impact our society.

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