Cyber Security At Its Finest With Blockchain

Nurul Zamrè

April 14, 2020

The virtual world can be a huge concern to some as reported over the last few years with unsolicited hackers around the world trying to capture everything they can. Despite all of that, safety in the digital world – cyber security, has become a huge topic over the last ten years since the establishment of the Internet. Boundaries are created and governed, however; sometimes humans have the capacity to go beyond the means of accepting what is being offered – technologically. 

With the birth of the impenetrable future technology of Blockchain, cybersecurity can be fully equipped from the start till the end of the process. Not only that it ensures that every piece of data; be it related to finance, management or administration is protected at all costs, but it is also permanent. Changes that are being done will be trackable and transparent which ensures the data to not be lost, stolen or even damaged so easily in the blink of an eye. 

The Depth of Blockchain for 2020 Onwards

To simplify the definition of blockchain, it is the ability of any entity to have millions of users across the world through a distributed network system. Every single user has the opportunity to add information to the blockchain and the data will be secured in the system. For those who are the members of the network in the chain, there will be the one responsible to verify every piece of data that is being added to the chain.

Thus, verification and trustworthiness are key factors to the whole Blockchain ecosystem.  As a matter of fact, diving deeper into the infrastructure, there are THREE main keys that would allow members to check the overall veracity of the data whilst confirming on where and who it came from. It is solely known as the PRIVATE KEY, PUBLIC KEY and RECEIVER’S KEY. Alas, with every single movement and change being done; the chain will be able to fully detect the process thoroughly.

Data Theft & Security Fraud 

There are algorithms processes in all sectors of technology being introduced in every single decade of the development, which means; any formation being completed is a thorough process which can either be removed completely or altered along the way. However, when a piece of data is fully monitored from when it was first introduced, developed to solve in a very complex mathematical equations, it subsidises any corrupted system that can easily take over. 

Protecting data to securing information can be a thoroughly done process; with millions of devices assisting as the equipment to store everything in one network. An example of this concept is DDOS attacks. It is done through online services or websites that are unavailable by sending through unwanted traffics from multiple computers and devices. The attacker will then be able to control the traffic and instruct the botnet which makes the network weak and the site goes offline.

Global Protection

The application of Blockchain is not to just protect the data, but to ensure the system is not vulnerable to hackers as every single node is notified, identified, and verifiable. The main concept behind the technology is creating a World Wide Web of decentralisation by removing any third parties.

With more people joining and developing the technology, the more protection shall we all get at the end of the day. Blockchain secures the data that makes it versatile and incredibly useful for the future of mankind; thus implementing rigorous encryption and data distribution protocols which ensures an intact data and out of reach information for hackers all over the world.

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