Customers Are The Top Tier: Finica Explains

Nurul Zamrè

July 28, 2020

Asia Blockchain Review recently had a chat with the founder of Finica, Vin Tan on the whole future technology. To start off, taking care of customers’ relationships can be a whirlwind journey for many organizations. 

As a CRM tool, Finica has been focusing on providing financial leaders and consultants with real-time updates on their performances – all through technology. 

They aim to empower and enable overall financial advisors through digitization or future technology, insights on data to activity allows corporations to see where they are heading towards.

The Economy Is At Stake

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented. As every industry is severely affected, no one really knows how long it will last until everything is back to the way it was, or properly transformed to the better. 

“Bearing similarities to other industries, the finance industry is being hit in many ways. Cash flows, jobs, and investments are areas of the utmost concern.” said Vin. 

Nevertheless, we are still seeing positive remarks as technology is being adopted and adapted into the sphere.

It Is The Recovery Phase

Despite the government doing their best by injecting liquidity into the system such as providing multiple supports of financial, the overall adaptation to the new norm has to happen on its own, slowly and eventually things will take turn to build up. 

When ABR asked upon the recovery phase for all, Vin further added that the negative impact of the pandemic will be of a different landscape.

Moreover, as the flow eventually happened, the liquidity to the economy with capitals, funding, investments and lending will be provided since the pandemic took a left turn for many businesses across the country. 

New Norm For Finica

Coping with the lack of social interactions for the team of Finica with their customers, they are also facilitating work communication while seamlessly transiting from Office to Work-From-Home (WFH) since March 2020. 

Notwithstanding having weekly discussions and virtual get-together type of events, it also helps the team and the clients to adapt to the new norm since the pandemic happened as well as assisting them in all ways that they manage.

Digitization Is The Future

Technology was created to assist the lives of humans in ways that  can facilitate their everyday activities. However, none of it happens overnight, said Vin. 

As properly structured design to a detailed system is needed in the long run, future technology will play a key in enabling and empowering Financial Advisors for the customers.

Roadmaps shall be there for any organizations and as embracing technology starts to happen, the crucial aspect is to keep learning and progressing with the technology of the future.

Three Tips For All

Out of all the conversation we had with Vin, digitization was the center of it all despite the pandemic to economical changes for corporate entities to customers.

One shall understand everything before progressing into the next stage of adaption as the future technology is growing rapidly.

Think – Begin with the end in mind. Have a clear vision of how your

a digitization roadmap should be and the ultimate goal.

Talk – Engage your stakeholders and process owners to listen to their input

and have their involvement in the digitization journey.

Do – Find the right technology partner to execute and implement your digitization roadmap

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