Crypto Expo Singapore 2019

Asia Blockchain Review
October 14, 2019

The Premier Event for Cryptocurrency Traders and Investors

Marina Bay Sands – October 26th – 

The Crypto Expo brings together the best minds, leaders, and analysts from the crypto and blockchain world. It is a series of financial exhibitions held in Asian countries focusing on topics of cryptocurrency trading, where companies can present their services, the latest developments, brand new technologies, and the latest trends of the industry to the visitors. The Expo runs in parallel with educational seminars.

Participants will be able to attend talks given by top speakers, not only from the crypto community, but also practicing traders in other financial markets, allowing them to learn classic trading principles as well as build their investment portfolios more strategically.

Rookie investors mostly trade intuitively, because it’s impossible to trade risk-free in a cryptocurrency environment there is always the possibility of a sudden collapse in the course of a digital asset. Cryptocurrency traders grapple with uncertainty surrounding registration and verification of exchanges, the safekeeping of funds on wallets, high transaction fees, and more. How, then, do you strategize crypto investment?

In addition to educational workshops on trading, Crypto Expo Asia in Singapore has an outstanding list of speakers ready to decrypt the essential questions of the crypto world.

These are some topics that have received initial approval:

The Intrinsic Value of Stablecoins

Decentralized Exchanges Thriving or Dying?

Exchanges the main criteria

Common Pitfalls of ICOs

NEO Ecosystem The second-most built-upon blockchain protocol

Blockchain for SMEs

Social Gamification and Commerce with Blockchain

Get your Crypto Expo Singapore ticket now! 

The event has 2 types of tickets FREE (for specialists/visitors) and VIP. To find out more information and to register online, please visit the Crypto Expo Singapore website.


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