Cryptact and University of Tokyo Develop Medical AI with Blockchain

Asia Blockchain Review
August 8, 2019

Cryptact a provider of cryptocurrency investor services in Japan with technical expertise in blockchain, finance, and security revealed that it is entering into a partnership with the University of Tokyo in a project that will allow AI companies to access medical data from hospitals through a range of technologies, including blockchain.

Elevating the Medical Industry with Distributed Ledgers

Cryptact disclosed that Research Associate Taichi Kin of the University of Tokyo Hospital will be spearheading the project, which aims to contribute to the development of AI in the medical industry. 

The joint project will help to establish a connection between medical institutes with stores of medical data and AI companies that require this data for machine learning models. Medical institutes will be able to provide their data to AI developers in a secure and reliable way using modern technologies such as distributed ledgers.

With the partnership, Cryptact said it aims to fully utilize its strengths in blockchain technology to achieve the project’s goal to provide citizens with better quality medical services.

Promoting Cryptocurrency Alongside Blockchain

Apart from driving blockchain-enabled projects, Cryptact is highly focused on the crypto industry. According to its website, the company’s founders include former Goldman Sachs professionals “who saw a dire need for usability and accessibility to improve in order for crypto to become mainstream.” 

Cryptact said it believes Japan is a cornerstone of the crypto revolution that will “usher in the next phase of humanity’s economic growth.”


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