China Tackles Covid-19 With Blockchain

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April 22, 2020
China Tackles Covid-19 With Blockchain

We are all experiencing a global pandemic on an absolutely unimaginable scale. Many countries are doing everything they can to combat the spread of Covid-19, and China is leveraging next-generation technologies to do just that. The country has actively leveraged digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, cloud computing, blockchain and 5G. Companies have made their algorithms publicly available, while researchers have shared data and firms have increased access to key videocasting tools for educators and remote workers.

Blockchain Has Its Time In The Sun

As we all know, blockchain technology eliminates intermediaries, prevents data loss, tampering and provides traceability. It plays an important role in ensuring the openness and transparency of the epidemic information and traceability of the epidemic materials. Lianfei Technology launched the country’s first blockchain epidemic monitoring platform which can track the progress of COVID-19 in all provinces in real time, and register the relevant epidemic data on the chain so that the data can be traced and cannot be tampered with. The data links are of course based on transparent monitoring and accountability is established to ensure that the information is open and transparent.

Artificial Intelligence To The Rescue

According to the World Economic Forum, AI was at the forefront of this fight. Baidu Research, a world leader in AI R&D, open-sourced LinearFold (its linear time AI algorithm), to epidemic prevention centers, gene testing institutions, and global scientific research institutions. The algorithm is an important tool for gene testing institutions, and R&D institutions during the epidemic, reducing the time taken to predict and study coronavirus’s RNA secondary structure from 55 minutes to just 27 seconds. The algorithm also improves the speed of predicting and studying coronavirus‘s RNA secondary structure by 120 times and saves the waiting time for virus detectors and researchers by two orders of magnitude With the improved algorithm comes much improved efficiency in virus detection and diagnosis than traditional algorithm. Artificial intelligence was also leveraged in subway stations, train stations and other public places where there is a high concentration of people and a high degree of mobility.

Cloud Computing Makes It Case

Alibaba Cloud made its AI computing power available to public research institutions around the world for free to accelerate the development of new pneumonia drugs and vaccines. Meanwhile, Didi offered GPU cloud computing resources and technical support for combating the novel coronavirus to domestic scientific research institutions, medical and rescue platforms, for free. The demand for mature cloud computing technologies was also on the up. Alibaba Cloud made its computing power available to public research institutions for free. Meanwhile, Didi offered GPU cloud computing resources and technical support for combating the novel coronavirus to domestic scientific research institutions, medical and rescue platforms, for free too.

5G And Smart Applications Rule

The recent commercialization of 5G has also heralded its use in the fields of live-streaming video and telemedicine. China Mobile opened its 5G base stations at Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals. There were live broadcasts of the construction of the hospitals and real-time views of the sites on a 24-hour basis too. Remote consultations via 5G also allowed medical experts from Beijing to work with front-line staff at the hospital. This improved the efficiency and effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment too. In short, China’s practice has shown how new-generation technologies can play an important role in responding to major public health challenges.

Source: World Economic Forum

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