Bvnex Looking to Trade Pair Vietnamese Dong and Dash Coin

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September 16, 2019
Bvnex Looking to Trade Pair Vietnamese Dong and Dash Coin

Vietnamese cryptocurrency exchange Bvnex has added the Dash coin to its platform.

According to Crypto NewsZ, Dash was added with aspirations to bring about a trade pair between the coin and Vietnam’s fiat, the Dong.

Bvnex Looking to Create Dash and Dong Pairing

Among one of Vietnam’s most noted cryptocurrency exchanges, Bvnex’s addition of Dash not only makes it the latest platform to feature the altcoin, it also makes it one of the most recent to initiate work toward pairing a crypto coin with a national fiat currency.  Bvnex announced that it had taken on Dash with the intention of pairing it with the Dong.

Dash is an open source cryptocurrency forked from popular crypto Bitcoin’s protocol.  It is mainly designed to facilitate speedy transactions of funds and to protect trader anonymity.  A trading pair allows two currencies to be directly traded for one another. A pairing between Dash and the Dong would create a new avenue for utilizing Vietnam’s national currency.

Bvnex Adding InstandSend to Extend Capabilities

In the same announcement, Bvnex said it would be launching InstandSend, a function made possible by the Dash network, for its users.  The facility is designed to accelerate the process of depositing cash in an exchange to enable faster trading for investors. Speed is increased by bypassing unnecessary confirmations and having the Dash network improve security.  Bvnex is currently adapting its platform to accommodate the faster speeds. 

Dash and InstantSend’s introduction to Bvnex is to be officially announced at a launch by the Dash development group, scheduled for September 14.


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