Blockchain Tops Thai Business Poll

Asia Blockchain Review
May 18, 2019

A survey by Accenture has indicated that around one-third of Thai business executives believe blockchain will be the most important new technology for their operations over the next three years.

As reported by the Bangkok Post, Nontawat Poomchusri, country managing director and financial services lead of Accenture Thailand, said executives ranked which among the Distributed Ledger, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality and Quantum Computing (DARQ) technologies will have the biggest impact on their organizations over the next three years, with distributed ledgers and blockchain topping the list at 35%, followed by artificial intelligence with 32%, extended reality at 20% and quantum computing with 12%.

Nontawat explained that business is already being conducted in a post-digital world, where going digital no longer provides a competitive advantage, but has instead become “the price of admission” for doing business. Successful Thai companies are expected to take advantage of new innovations, while nevertheless prioritizing trust, responsibility, privacy and security.

95% of Thai executives surveyed say they are already experimenting with DARQ technologies, with 90% agreeing that digital demographics offer their organizations a new means through which to identify market opportunities for unmet consumer needs. The same percentage also believe consumers’ digital demographics are becoming a more powerful way to understand customers, while agreeing that integration with customization and real-time delivery represents the next major shift of competitive advantage. 95% also say 5G technology will revolutionize their industries.

Nontawat further noted that the survey highlighted the ways in which organizations must utilize new technologies to innovate and personalize experiences for both staff and customers. Leaders must also recognize that trust and responsibility are key to operational success.


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