Blockchain Thailand Genesis, the Largest Blockchain Conference in Thailand

Asia Blockchain Review
November 29, 2019

Blockchain Thailand Genesis, the largest blockchain conference in Thailand, is returning this year on November 30th. This time, the conference is being co-hosted by the Thai SEC, Digital Economy Promoting Agency (Ministry of Digital Economy and Society), and Thai Digital Asset Association. Together with the support of all parties in the Thai crypto industry, the conference is expected to attract 3,000+ local attendees — 3 times more than in 2018.

Thailand has drawn a lot of attention as one of the first countries to come up with blockchain & cryptocurrency-friendly regulations. There has been a lot of regulatory development in Thailand from 2017, and many licenses issued for Exchanges, Broker, Dealers, and ICO Portals. This marks Thailand as a potential hub of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, there has been significant progress in terms of blockchain implementation in both the government and private sectors, including a National Digital ID project, Central Bank Blockchain Settlement project (Inthanon), the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s Digital Asset project, etc.  

About the conference 

There are 4 knowledge zones in the Blockchain Thailand conference. The Genesis Stage is specifically for newcomers to get a taste of the Blockchain & Digital Asset space, from government speakers such as representatives of the SEC to industry leaders, to present the current stage of Thailand’s regulation, businesses, projects, and overall landscape. The Advance Stage is a stage for crypto veterans. Topics on this stage will be more in-depth and dive deeper into the crypto industry. Attendees will be able to learn about the Thailand ecosystem, mining, smart contracts, Dapps, DeFi, scalability solutions, the security of crypto, and much more. Meanwhile, Workshop is an area for people who want to get hands-on with blockchain technology, so that they can thoroughly understand the technology and how to use it. There are many workshops for people to choose from, such as Blockchain 101, Crypto Wallet 101, Tokenization for Your Business, Trading 101, and Libra workshop. Last but not least, the Booths Area is where attendees can further interact with their favorite speakers. They can explore other projects and connect with stakeholders in the business matching corner. 

A Chance to get in touch with key Thai crypto players

Timing is very important in business. Based on developments in Thailand over the past two years, 2020 is poised to become the year of digital assets. By joining our conference, you will have a chance to get to know all the key players in the Thailand ecosystem, making it easier to expand operations into the country. 


Place: Samyan Mitrtown Hall, Bangkok Thailand

Main Organizer: Cryptomind

About Cryptomind: Cryptomind is a crypto consulting and investment firm based in Thailand that helps corporates and the public learn more about cryptocurrency, crypto-assets, blockchain technology, etc. We also serve clients that wish to expand their reach in the Thai market.

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