Blockchain-Powered Service Robots to Drive Hospitality Industry

Asia Blockchain Review
July 25, 2019

Robotou, a blockchain-enabled service robot ecosystem that aims to bring service robots into consumers’ daily life is demonstrating its vision to create a new robot economy, integrating intelligent services into the hospitality industry.

Empowering SMEs with Service Robots

Charles Tang, COO of Robotou, gave a talk on “Blockchain-Enabled Service Robot Ecosystem” at Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong Awards Ceremony 2019 in July, where he revealed that Robotou is working to transform the revenue of robotics in order to provide more accessibility to businesses.

“We are using smart contracts on the blockchain platform to chop the revenue model of robotics into different pieces so everyone can get involved in using smart contracts,” Tang said. 

“Robotou is focusing on indoor robots and areas that have high demand and shortage in labor, especially jobs that human beings don’t want to do, like jobs that are repetitive, labor-intensive, and involves heavy lifting.”

Revenue Sharing Through Blockchain

Tang added that the company aims to deploy 100,000 robots within 5 years to work in hotels, hospitals, and offices. Robotous said its service robots can cost as low as US$1,000 to US$3,000, which is affordable for SMEs and close to an employee’s monthly wage.

“We’re also using smart contracts on blockchain to increase revenue for businesses. There’s an opportunity for advertising, so owners should have a revenue stream from robots, in which brands can directly buy commercials to be displayed on individual robots one-by-one,” said Tang.

“We also manage the entire life cycle of robots on blockchain, from R&D to intellectual property rights, so everybody can get a cut from the revenue.”


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