Blockchain Platform FLETA Invites Bitsonic as Validator

Asia Blockchain Review
July 25, 2019

Blockchain platform FLETA has officially announced that the reputable South Korea-based crypto exchange Bitsonic has become the latest member of its Validator network, according to a report by PRNewswire.

Validators operate Hyper Formulators or high-performance mining nodes in the FLETA network. These nodes play an important role in ensuring the stability, security, and performance of the FLETA network. 

Large Firms Join as FLETA Validators

The Validator program only invites trustworthy firms that show potential in co-cultivating the FLETA ecosystem. Ahead of the FLETA blockchain’s launch on July 22nd, 2019, it has published a list of confirmed Validators, including the likes of Cosmos(ATOM); Glosfer, the first-generation Korean blockchain company; Like Lion, an educational organization specialized in computer programming; and For Our, the accelerator of the Oasis City project. 

Together, these Validators serve to enhance the stability and reliability of the blockchain platform. They also take responsibility for developing and implementing efficient and sustainable FLETA governance.

Bitsonic to Bring Stability and Reliability to FLETA

Bitsonic is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by Skoop Media, a leading mobile application developer in Korea. Skoop Media has created several top mobile applications in South Korea, including leading food delivery app Baedal Minjok, ride-sharing app SOCAR, online beauty product shopping platform Memebox, and webcomic app Naver Webtoon, managed by Korean tech giant Naver.

Jinwook Shin, CEO of Bitsonic, is renown as a talented computer developer. His vision and know-how have been credited as the reasons behind the exchange’s steady growth since its founding in 2018. Bitsonic joining as a Validator for the FLETA network is expected to bring further stability and reliability to the blockchain platform. 


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