Blockchain Elevates Voting in India

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October 5, 2019
Blockchain Elevates Voting in India

Earlier this year at the 2019 general elections in India, almost 900 million people were eligible to vote. This number represented a significant challenge for authorities, but also provides an opportunity to explore technologies to ensure voting transparency and security. Experts are therefore turning to distributed ledger technology for solutions, which could see adoption in future elections.

Adopting Blockchain for the Masses

According to a report by AMBCrypto, over 67 percent of those eligible turned out for the election. That left about 290 million who were not present at the polls — a number that could have greatly swayed the results.

Sandeep Nailwal, CEO of Matic Network, stated that blockchain technology could transform the face of the electoral process by allowing people to vote using their own mobile devices.

”Anybody with a mobile phone with internet access could get involved in the electoral process without the need for attending in-person to cast a vote. This would widen the scope of potential voters massively and would likely increase participation in the process by a large degree,” said Nailwal. 

“This increased level of trust and accessibility would stand to increase the overall level of engagement in the political process in a huge way.”

Driving New Technology for Voters

Using blockchain could greatly transform the elections in a country as massive as India, especially to improve security, accuracy, accessibility, and transparency.

“Two of the major problems of the traditional voting process best tackled by blockchain are security and accuracy. Traditionally, vote counting is conducted by a central body overseeing the process. This causes many questions to arise about the trust of these central bodies,” said Nailwal.


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