Blockchain Assists Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising: Foodpanda Taking The Lead

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March 23, 2020
Blockchain Assists Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising: Foodpanda Taking The Lead

Foodpanda, a mobile food delivery marketplace which is available in 13 countries across the world has partnered with over 27 thousand restaurants in 193 cities and works closely with nearly 16 thousand delivery riders since its establishment in 2012. 

Apart from adapting the future of technology in the whole system, Blockchain gives so many benefits to the whole process of independence in terms of “Out-Of-Home (OOH)” advertising strategy in Foodpanda’s marketing sphere.

The Rise of Digital World

The Head of Marketing and Sustainability of Foodpanda Singapore pointed out that digital signage would not just create an online presence, but would provide transparency of the brand to be traceable and transparent through the global delivery OOH market in Blockchain. In fact, overall impressions and advertising spots as well as detailings can be easily monitored with real-time view of campaign performance which allows brands to see the overall process from one end to another.

As time goes by; key players are running to add more value to the industry in various ways. With the adoption of future technology like Blockchain, the market is expected to be valued around US$32.1 billion by the year 2025.

Smart Contracts are Leveraged in the Food Delivery Marketplace

From the traditional human factors to technology, the advancements are assisting in the trivial process; regardless of the infrastructure is looked at to be simple or techy. Foodpanda has been one of the primary examples of a food delivery marketplace that has been embracing blockchain technology to optimise customer engagement and overall administration. With a high-security to performance and management of Blockchain technology, Foodpanda serves as the frontier with over 150,000 restaurant partners across Asia Pacific region. To add up more to the good news, it includes multi-services on its platforms that includes 24/7 on-demand grocery deliveries which allow customers touchpoints to stay loyal to the brand itself.

Time is crucial in the process to streamline existing infrastructures for all entities. Blockchain as an immutable ledger of transactions to fully viewable infrastructure would foster a GIGANTIC trust between stakeholders, buyers, customers and more. That concludes the efficiency, reliability and transparency in the future technology for the communities.

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