Blockchain: A Compliant Eco-System (University of Malaya)

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February 27, 2020

Education plays a huge role in anyone’s lives. But, the process of handling it can be extremely difficult. As the new semester drops by, new learners and lecturers are fully equipped to get into the hang of everything. We had a chat with a Law lecturer from Universiti Malaya to explain the details of it.

As a digitally managed centralised distributed ledger, Husna Zakaria, a Law lecturer from Universiti Malaya stated that; the application of Blockchain in the education sector for now focuses more on imparting the knowledge and sustainable ecosystem, research of advancing administrative applications as well as the overall data keeping of all the certificates.

Courses and Talks To Be Held

The application process of Blockchain may take awhile for any entity in the first place. Thus, Universiti Malaya is keen to look into leveraging the technology by educating the community. “Research and development to talent buildings through this space by creating awareness through free lectures and e-newsletters,” stated Husna. 

Approaches vary from time to time and also materials to speakers and experts. Initially, the materials would be an awareness session and exploration towards the technology further will be facilitated throughout the time by speaking to experts.

Secured Ecosystem

The experience of Blockchain getting into the whole system is to promote a compliant ecosystem. With the education sector taking the leap of faith into technology, various developments and opportunities will be implemented moving forward.

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