Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain: Simone Macario Explains

Nurul Zamrè

June 15, 2020

Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain: Simone Macario Explains

The year of 2020 has passed its half phase and we are experiencing changes every single month with technology being adapted into it. From news of the pandemic coronavirus or widely known as the Covid-19, it has now changed the world we used to think was just what it was, a concrete jungle to simultaneously crowded civilisations of people hustling and bustling until we had no time to reflect upon our beings or close circles around. Nonetheless, digitalisation has impacted the world in a way that not many of us were expecting it all to arrive.

Recently, ABR had a great time chatting with the Director of The VOX Asia,  Simone Macario; on the whole future technology transformation to the world, starting from the development of which Simone is managing now to the past experiences he had; and more. 

Before we begin the treasure of the chats, one key aspect to understand is that every new venture; especially when it comes to “technology” comes around in the spectrum of adoption and the need for change to happen. Henceforth, it goes without saying, understand the idea of why revolution happened even if it is seamlessly small once compared to the big systems or players that we have already established for decades.

Let’s keep the ball rolling now, shall we?

An Assistant Is Always A Good Idea

There was a time when humans did everything by themselves. From learning how to climb a mountain to see the view or find food to consume, to even acknowledge the spark of union when they interact with one another, as fellow human beings. 

However, it is good information one can capture to just access and evaluate the importance of CHANGE. 

“What we witness today is a system that is able to perform on a single text, such as recognising faces or predict what customers are going to buy next. As data becomes accessible and available, computing power is also increasing.” stated Simone as he further emphasised that A.I. is a technology that mimics humans’ behaviours.

A Wedding of Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

So much of conversations have been discussed when it comes to the overall future technology that has long been introduced, applied to implement. There shall be no fights, but a union of understanding in all sides of development, even if it is still in the early stages, to be fully reinforced and more.

In the whole division to field of technology, A.I. and Blockchain have been looked at somewhat “not friending” with one another to some, but if one identifies the key elements of both technologies upgrowth and maturation, the wedding bells between these two future technologies are just a few days apart. 

“Blockchain has not been entirely adopted in the conversational industry. The powerful solution of it that can be implemented however, is the public ledger of chartbox, to identify which one is reliable and which isn’t based on the user valid payments (information). The combination between AI and Blockchain is something that needs to be discovered.” Simone concludes.

About Simone Macario

Simone is a Managing Director in Asia with numerous executive roles throughout his career in the corporate world all these years. He is particularly interested and focused more on Marketing Technologies solutions with a high level of interest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation application.

About The VOX Asia

Founded in 2020, VOX uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance conversations, developing human-like speaking interfaces to engage customers over any channel, in any language. The team empower brands with Conversational A.I. such as voice-based applications for virtual assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & chatbox) to understand user intents and answer their needs. Some of the solutions and A.I. interfaces include big data management, predictive analytics, chatbot to voice assistants. Seamless experience through interfaces that can talk and write using Natural Language is being applied by integrating Artificial Intelligence conversations, forward-thinking brands can solve business problems with a solution that scale Voice Recognition, A.I, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Data Modelling, Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks and Knowledge Base. To have a chat with the team, contact [email protected].

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