Aqilliz Integrates BritePool For Programmatic Advertising

October 3, 2020

Aqilliz Integrates BritePool Solution to Power Global Transformation of Programmatic Advertising

Aqilliz, a technology company that specialises in blockchain solutions for digital marketing, is partnering with BritePool, an identity resolution company, to transform the global programmatic ecosystem.

The partnership will see the integration of BritePool’s identity management solution into Aqilliz’s suite of offerings in order to address a broad range of pressing pain points in programmatic advertising.

The services offered by the partnership will increase the ROI advertisers realise through programmatic campaigns.

Gowthaman Ragothaman, CEO of Aqilliz, said: “As the digital marketing ecosystem continues to grapple with the realities of a cookieless future, we are thrilled to be setting a new standard of transparency, efficiency, and compliance together with BritePool as we implement our shared vision and integrated services to power the transformation of the programmatic advertising system across the globe.”

David J. Moore, CEO of BritePool, said: “Our joint offerings will create significantly better results for programmatic advertisers.”

The incorporation of the BritePool ID will enable both organisations to create a unique, sustainable infrastructure that leverages high-value first-party data without the need for third-party cookies.

When coupled with Aqilliz’s proprietary tech stack, the resulting combination sees the use of blockchain and privacy-enhancing mechanisms such as federated learning and differential privacy in order to tackle the digital marketing industry’s ongoing need for alternatives to third-party cookies in a compliant manner.

“Our initial offerings will be available to a pool of advertising clients across both firms. Aqilliz and BritePool will initially concentrate on rolling out these offerings in the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and the United States,” added Ragothaman.

“By integrating BritePool’s solutions with Aqilliz’s unique capabilities, our joint offerings will expand the use of first-party data, provide enhanced consumer privacy protections, eliminate many of the problems currently associated with programmatic advertising, and increase advertiser ROIs. This win-win combination is exciting for BritePool, for Aqilliz, for advertisers, and for the future of programmatic advertising,” added Moore.

The first product to incorporate the BritePool ID will be Aqilliz’s supply chain optimisation solution, which provides campaign stakeholders with real-time visibility into the flow in delivery of each impression within a programmatic campaign a

nd allows advertisers to optimise programmatic campaigns as they occur. Enabled by blockchain, the supply chain optimisation solution grants greater transparency, providing a full end-to-end view of each impression.

“The dark corners and associated inefficiencies of the current programmatic supply chain are well-documented. The Aqilliz supply chain optimisation solution is an important step toward eliminating these harmful practices, and BritePool is excited to play a central role in it,” concluded Moore.

In addition, Aqilliz’s consent and provenance management service will also incorporate the BritePool ID. While BritePool identifies each unique user, Aqilliz can offer the ability to identify how the user’s data was collected, applied, stored, and shared through various activities.

“As consumer preferences continue to evolve and regulators continue to cast a critical eye on the digital marketing industry practices, it’s clear that our existing approaches to data handling need to change. Through the integration of the BritePool ID, we’re not only able to provide the use of high-fidelity first-party data for improved targeting and personalisation capabilities, but also an immutable, tamper-proof record of the entire lifecycle of user consent along with past metadata, which is now a regulatory requirement. This capability will be essential for programmatic advertising to meet the growing demands of consumers for control and privacy,” concluded Ragothaman.

About BritePool

BritePool is an identity verification company for advertisers and publishers. The company provides advertisers with brand safety, privacy and precise analytics for data connections when third-party cookies and MAIDs no longer can be used.

BritePool’s exact, frequency-controlled identity verification services enable accurate targeting, advertising delivery and attribution. For more information, visit

About Aqilliz

Aqilliz is the world’s first technology company with a mission to unify the fragmented advertising technology, marketing technology, and data ecosystem.

Benefiting brands, platforms, and consumers alike, Aqilliz maximises the economic value of digital marketing across the campaign supply chain.

Powered by Zilliqa’s high-performance, high-security blockchain platform, Aqilliz provides technology solutions that transform processes, secure the privacy of data, remove fraud, and engineer valued outcomes.

Founded by professionals from the world of brands, advertising, and cutting-edge technology, Aqilliz comprises a team of industry experts who share a common vision of bringing greater value to the marketing ecosystem at the intersection of consumer discovery and audience delivery. For more information, visit

Source: Aqilliz

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