AP and Everipedia Team Up to Publish US Election Race Calls on the Blockchain

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October 20, 2020

The Associated Press (AP), the world’s most trusted news agency, will distribute race calls to Everipedia, a market leading blockchain knowledge company, which will publish them cryptographically on the blockchain through a new oracle product that is powered by Chainlink infrastructure.

In an era of misinformation, the need for verifiable information has never been greater. Everipedia’s vision is to help verify the world’s knowledge by bringing real-world data and information onto the blockchain together with trusted organizations.

The Associated Press has counted the vote in U.S. elections since 1848, including national, state and local races in all 50 states, along with key ballot measures. AP collects and verifies returns in every county, parish, city and town across the U.S., and this November will declare winners in 7,000 contests.

Everipedia will be offering AP’s race calls in a trusted and transparent manner through the use of oracles. AP will sign the data cryptographically and publish its cryptographic key through Everipedia’s official channels.

“AP is the gold standard in counting the vote and declaring election winners, and we are pleased to work with Everipedia to use our race calls in this innovative way,” said Dwayne Desaulniers, AP director of data licensing.

The “oracle problem” has been a fundamental issue in the blockchain industry for many years. It is as important as issues of distributed consensus and low-level blockchain development. Everipedia is building a unique service-based solution to the “oracle problem” that brings a novel solution to the blockchain space – cryptographically signed feeds by world-class organizations.

The “Everipedia OraQle” product solves the problem by bringing on-chain trusted attestations by cryptographically verified entities so that they can be aggregated, computed, and used in any smart contract. This “oracle-as-a-service” platform will be offered to industry-leading organizations to publish data feeds directly on the blockchain. Organizations will be able to earn revenue for publishing reputable data on a wide range of topics including prices, election results, sport statistics/scores, weather, and news. Everipedia will be running their oracle service on Chainlink which has proven to be the leading oracle infrastructure provider in the space.

“We are incredibly honored and excited to work with The Associated Press, an organization with an impeccable reputation and history in journalism that is dedicated to advancing facts,” said Everipedia Co-Founder and CEO Theodor Forselius.

“Everipedia’s vision has always been to bring real-world knowledge to the blockchain and our OraQle product, powered by the IQ token, will advance that mission. We’re very excited to see the decentralized finance space leverage the important facts and data we are bringing on-chain,” explained Everipedia Co-Founder and President Sam Kazemian.

About AP
The Associated Press is an independent global news organization dedicated to factual reporting. Founded in 1846, AP today remains the most trusted source of fast, accurate, unbiased news in all formats and the essential provider of the technology and services vital to the news business. More than half the world’s population sees AP journalism every day. Online: www.ap.org

About Everipedia
Everipedia was founded in 2014 and is bringing real-world data and knowledge to the blockchain, helping verify facts in an era of misinformation and unlocking a new class of use cases in decentralized finance. Find out more at everipedia.org and follow Everipedia on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: PRNewsWire

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