Amanotes – A Booming Music-Tech Startup Conquers The Global Market

September 29, 2020

Recently, ABR had a chance to speak to Mr. Silver Nguyen – CPO & Co-founder of Amanotes – a music application publisher ranked in the top 20 popular apps worldwide with their global achievements.

Mr. Silver has just joined the interview with Asia Blockchain Review (ABR) to share their story about Amanotes’ extraordinary success in global markets. Let’s unfold their secret-key to success and gain deeper knowledge about the company.

ABR: Can you introduce yourself and Amanotes?

Amanotes: My name is Silver Nguyen, co-founder and CPO of Amanotes. Amanotes is a music tech company. What we do is we want to make music much more than just listening, we develop much more interactive music experience for people and we are honored to become the top 20 mobile application publishers in the world, and No.1 mobile app publisher from SEA, with the high number of user downloads in 2019.

ABR: It’s such an impressive achievement! So, what sets Amanotes apart from other tech companies in the region?

Amanotes: We are a music tech company. By saying so, tech is our means to make music become interactive, by creating different music experiences and making those experiences accessible to everyone.

ABR: We’re even more impressed to know that Amanotes has been run without fundraising from the external investors, while normally with the model of B2C applications, most startups need a big-enough fund to acquire new users particularly at the global scale. Can you share with us more about your experience to run Amanotes with a limited fund like that?

Amanotes: Amanotes is all about our music passion so from day one, it is critical for us to build a sustainable business model and operations. So value comes first, profit comes after.

ABR: Amanotes is known not only for one but 15 different “music apps” in the ecosystem of Amanotes, so what is the organizational model or structure to motivate & incubate various innovative ideas effectively?

Amanotes: We are creating the model of “Startup inside startup”, which means we encourage indie developers or company members to generate new ideas and incubate  the independent products under the Amanotes ecosystem.

We will empower and accelerate the independent product teams by helping them to quickly test their ideas in the huge user database of Amanotes, to collaborate with our partners, to get the feedback to improve the products, then publish music apps for them.

The acceleration above will help us to optimize our process to launch a new innovative product and only when it gets good response from users, we will invest in developing and marketing it on a large scale.

ABR: Many startups are facing problems hiring good talents for the company, we are acknowledged that Amanotes has already assembled a group of outstanding people, could you share with us how you can attract many experienced and also talented people for the business?

Amanotes: Our principles are two main points: “Be Passionate, Be Authentic”.

“Be passionate” is when you love your product, you can share your love with others and people with the same passion will come together. “Be Authentic” is that  I don’t think we have to attract talent at all costs, we need to be authentic to show who we are, only then people can be comfortable to show who they are and we see there is a match between us that we can collaborate together.


ABR: According to the second quarter 2020 report, the company has reached over 1 billion downloads from users worldwide in May, 2020, could you share with us your next move in the growth journey of Amanotes?

Amanotes: Thanks for your question. Most people know Amanotes for our music games but we have something much more exciting to share. We are planning to publish a number of simulation and music education applications on the purpose of helping people learn music , with the ambition to create the whole music ecosystem.

About Amanotes: 

Amanotes is a fast-growing Singaporean music-tech company with an office in Vietnam. Their goal is to delight people with interactive music experiences with the vision “Everyone can Music”.

Their prospect is to develop a complete music tech ecosystem where music lovers can play, learn, and teach music. Some of their chart-topping hyper-casual games include Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Dancing Road, etc.

Amanotes garnered over 1 Billion downloads worldwide with almost 100 Million users every month. In 2019, Amanotes were listed as the #1 mobile apps publisher from Southeast Asia, the #1 music games publisher in the world, and one of the top 20 mobile apps publishers in the world across all app categories.

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