Alqami’s Samantha Campbell Charts Out Her Vision

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August 9, 2020

Alqami is a passionate, innovative and agile team, committed to finding ever-increasing value from data. Their mission is to maximize the internal and external worth of data as the most valuable commodity in the digital era. Directly or indirectly through our broad, global partner network, they service client needs to realize increased value from their data in an ethically responsible manner.

We sat down with Samantha Campbell, CEO of Alqami, to get her thoughts on the current state of affairs.

Firstly, thank you for your time. At ABR, we are always looking for the movers and shakers in the world of blockchain. So how has 2020 been so far?

It has been a weird yet humbling year for Alqami with a series of unprecedented events occurring! I thought 2020 would be busy of huge growth and new achievements. However, now I’ve learned that it is the year for us to take stock and be grateful for the developments we have already made, how far we’ve come as a business and personally, and appreciate those moments/experiences.

With the recent Covid-19 scenario worldwide and other complications that have arisen, how has it affected your commercial operations so far?

As Alqami runs a global operation it has obviously effected our travel plans and growth in certain regions. However, from a day to day perspective nothing has changed too much as we were always able to work remotely. We have a small team which is easier to manage in this environment as well so motivation levels are high, although commercially the overall pace just feels a lot slower.

From your perspective, how has the journey of digital development been so far with your organization?

Being a new company, Alqami has been digitally enabled from the get go, so the team are used to the processes and clients are used to our engagement being this way. However, for other traditional businesses I have noticed a slower adaptation to digital. Now from the impact of corona and with people working from home, staying at home more generally and with social distancing rules, businesses have been forced to go digital. This has certainly expedited digital transformation projects from what I’ve seen and I believe is one of the most positive things we will all experience from the pandemic.

Are there any lessons that you have learned so far? Perhaps you can share some insights and key learnings from the evolution of things?

Maintaining innovation is key to a sustainable business, especially at a company like Alqami. I have learned that this comes from the culture you breed within your organization. You have display flexibility and remain agile in order to cope with the constant changes and technology developments. It is also important for the technologists and executives to be aligned to ensure that the right tools are being implemented to meet the businesses changing requirements.

These days, we are all living in a state of flux, with the pandemic and how market forces are changing every day. How does a company cope with these dynamics?

I mentioned before the need to remain flexible and agile. These characteristics should be learned from the business leader and it will then filter throughout the rest of the organization, creating the right culture to be able cope and adapt quickly to the changing dynamics

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In your experience, what will you list as some of the key factors that help a business navigate through these trying times?

Other than what’s previously been mentioned, communication is also key. This is important now more than ever with remote working and you have to make more of an effort to connect with your team and clients on a more frequent basis and in new ways. Positivity also helps, as it keeps the team motivated and feel secure. There is one thing that we know for sure and that is that change is inevitable. Summer also always comes after winter so we know for certain that will get through anything!

Finally, when it comes to Big Data in AI, what is your opinion on the state of the ecosystem at the moment?

Data and AI are merging into a synergistic relationship, where AI is useless without data and data is insurmountable without AI. The reason why AI and Big Data are now seemingly inseparable is because an AI system needs to learn from data to be able to fulfill its function. Unfortunately, organizations still struggle to integrate data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth on their customers. So currently, in order for AI to be more widely adopted and implemented, businesses will need to focus on fixing their data problems first.

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