ABR Presents Thailand Blockchain Landscape Report

September 17, 2018

Next week on Wednesday September 19th, Asia Blockchain Review (ABR) will present the Thailand Blockchain Landscape Report at the Bitfish Bangkok Empire Tower, along with their partners Bitfish and Bitcoin Addict Thailand. Bitcoin Addict Thailand is the leading online news site about cryptocurrency and Blockchain tech in Thailand whereas ABR aims to be known as the leading research & development agency across South-East Asia and Asia in general, with meet-ups being one of their many initiatives in the sphere.

Joining them will be ICORA, an ICO Advisory firm and Blockchain Education Center to help them launch the first event presented by ABR that dives headfirst into Thailand’s Blockchain Landscape through a comprehensive overview with a panel of keynote speakers from the industry.

Presenting the Panel

  • Nicole Nguyen is currently the Head of APAC at ABR and was previously Head of Corporate Marketing at IBL. Nicole’s day to day duties involve a high level of involvement in incorporation, strategy, and partnership across the entire Southeast Asian region. Nicole is quickly coming to be known as one of the leading figures in the industry who has worn multiple hats, delivered hundreds of presentations, and has been entrusted by multiple leaders in the industry to leverage her deep understanding of blockchain while utilizing her broad network, to ultimately make a massive impact on the tech startup community in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
  • Akaradet Diawpanich (“A”) is currently the Chief Strategic Officer at Bitcoin Addict but is, more importantly, known as “Coinman” – one of the top Thai crypto influencers. His presence on the panel speaks to one of his main attributes – “A” has always been able to take the most complex concepts and topics within blockchain and churn them out as relatable and understandable information for the masses.
  • Sanjay Popli is the Business Development Manager at ICORA Asia and a huge Crypto enthusiast and advocate for blockchain. He has extensive experience and deep knowledge of ICOs and an international educational background with several degrees.
  • Aunchisa Tapanakornvut is currently the Senior Officer, of the FinTech Department, at the Securities and Exchange Commission in Thailand and is on a trailblazing mission to help the Thai capital market become a key driver of wealth distribution and sustainable economic growth. She is currently the senior officer of the SEC Thailand’s FinTech Department. Since joining the SEC Thailand in 2012, Aunchisa has been a part of the team that drives key initiatives related to FinTech, including the FinTech Act, crowdfunding regulations, and initial coin offering (ICO) regulations.

We hope to see you on September 19th at Bitfish Bangkok Empire Tower in Bangkok for some engaging and in-depth discussions as well as networking. If you can’t make it to this event, ABR will continue to host dozens of events so we’ll catch you at the next one!

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