A Conversation With Karen New: An Exploration

Nurul Zamrè

June 29, 2020

As the final series of our feature with Karen New, the author of Wish I Knew, and Samuel Lay of DLF Holdings, we are exploring the whole future of technology moving forward. Many of us went through different stages of technological development and changes from the Internet (World Wide Web) to mobile applications and now Blockchain as a whole. Be that as it may, it is a global transformation that one shall look out for.

Covid-19 pandemic, has brought a global recession and fueled a digital economy surge in all aspects of our lives. Be that as it may, the reality of everything has made us expose ourselves to all kinds of changes, especially when it comes to future technologies or Blockchain as a whole. Karen mentioned to us that the drastic change of technology made her study every part of the transformation, and now; it revolves around solving pressing issues that utilise future technology. Digital transformation and adoption in digital technologies to investments such as cryptocurrencies and Staking is quite normal in Singapore these days.

Singapore’s Economy Recession

When bitcoin was first introduced and created in the early 2009, a huge debate happened globally and it made every country put a stop sign to the progress of transformation as the issues revolved around the security aspect began to take its toll.

We wanted to test the digital currency; a world currency where nobody has total control over. And it is not issued by any country, nor is it governed,” she added. Nevertheless, introducing a brand new concept or methods may take some time for it to be fully established and adapted, even if it is done in a country that has now become a global sensation for its rapid developments of all kinds and sectors since the year 1965.

Systems Have Changed

A brand new world together means introduction would be a lengthy process of understanding. By far, when currencies to money aspects are being talked about, we observe the efficiency, transparency to even the technology that are being utilised. Karen further concludes that some of DeFi services are getting a lot better and simpler to apply, thus making it possible for anyone to participate in global growth and transformation. 

The only thing that was being put on hold would be the way of thought of certain entities, dwelling on whether we are erasing everything that has long been built for centuries, or utilising the new technology for the development of all our futures. Some factors include capital gains, interests to return of investments in the bigger picture.


Author of Wish I Knew is  a speaker, ICO Advisor, serial technopreneur who is also the Top 12 Blockchain Women in Asia. She believes that Blockchain technology will change the way we live and in the midst of evolution where opportunities will be abundant, she is an adjunct lecturer at Singapore FinTech Association on Crypto Literacy.

Karen’s “Wish I Knew” can be bought from the following websites:

  1. WishIKnewComics, https://www.wishiknewcomics.com
  2. Amazon, https://bit.ly/WishIknewBB
  3. Barnes and Noble https://bit.ly/WishIKnewBN
  4. Bookmate https://bit.ly/Wishbookmate
  5. Kobo https://bit.ly/WishatKobo
  6. Booktopia https://bit.ly/WishBotopia


DLF Holdings Limited is a Singapore-based mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineering services and solutions provider whose core business is in the provision of Project Management Services and Turnkey Contracting Services. The Group has developed extensive expertise as an M&E services and solutions provider and has built up a strong reputation since 1999, together with a strong network of well-established customers within the hotel and property sectors here in Singapore and in the region. The Group has completed several projects in Singapore in recent years, including work for the Sengkang General/Community Hospital and the Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel. http://dlfholdings.sg

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