Vottun’s Solution To Reopen Sports Amidst Covid-19

Anil Prabha

July 15, 2020

Vottun recently unveiled its Blockchain-backed COVID-19 Test Result Verification to Help Sports Reopen. The platform will be able to provide real-time health verification for workers and people attending sporting events after the COVID-19 lockdown. Asia Blockchain Review recently caught up with Rohan Hall, Founder of Vottun, to discuss this further.

Just to recap, COVID-19 has brought the sporting world to a standstill. Matches have been suspended, venues have closed, and international events cancelled. The impact is predicted to cost the sporting world at least $12 billion.  Vottun technology can be used to help bring these events back safely.

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to talk to Asia Blockchain Review. We greatly appreciate your time and consideration in this matter. First and foremost, how are things with you and the company as we navigate this new normal?

We’re doing quite well, thanks.  Vottun is actively building solutions to help people return safely back to their daily lives.  We’re focused heavily on working with different events and sports teams to get them back into the game as well.

I am concerned, however, about the greater population as people are starting to interact again.  The concern is that a lot of people seem to be behaving as if there is a vaccine for the pandemic, which there isn’t.

Or that the threat has passed, which it hasn’t.  In fact, the reality is that we’re in a worse situation than we were a few weeks ago.  In March we started the Covid-19 curve from the bottom of the curve.  We peaked, then started on the downward side of the curve.

But we’re still much higher than where we started.  We’re actually still at the top of the curve, especially in the USA, not at the bottom.   So the total potential exposure is somewhat exponentially more risky than a few months ago.

I’m not being negative about this but we need to still observe all caution regarding this or we will see a massive amount of infections and casualties in the coming weeks.

With the ongoing global pandemic, supply chain disruptions, trade war imbalances and now violent protests over the recent ‘George Floyd’ debacle and shooting of another unarmed African American man, the situation in the US must be quite precarious for businesses. What’s your take on all this? Is it just isolated to the US or are the ramifications being felt in other parts of the world?

We are in a global economy.  Everything that happens in the USA can have an impact on the world.  The George Floyd murder was very tragic for blacks in America but also people of conscience all over the world.  It was shocking because many would like to believe that this kind of racism is something that was left in the past.

2020 will be a year that we will not forget soon and which will be taught in the history books.  Imagine a global Covid-19 pandemic of biblical proportions and which you would previously only see in the movies; the complete collapse of the global economic system unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime; civil disobedience on a global scale, greater than even the 60s, or any other social protest that we are aware of in recent memory;

In the middle of these businesses are trying to re-link broken supply chains, re-establish business networks, reposition themselves for a new economy.  It’s not only a challenge for the USA, it’s a global challenge that will play itself out over the coming months.

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