Volatility And Unpredictability Are The New Normal

Asia Blockchain Review
April 27, 2020
Volatility And Unpredictability Is The New Normal

The Facebook Live AMA organized by Asia Blockchain Review and Bigcoin Vietnam on the 16th of April, 2020, opened up discussions about crypto investment and the effects of the pandemic on the financial market. 

Exploring Concept about Cryptocurrency

The live AMA assembled panelists from various fields including representatives from Infinity Blockchain Ventures, Infinito, VIC Group and RMIT to share their points of view about the crypto market and its development.

The speakers included Jack Thang Nguyen from Infinito Solutions, Nguyen Nhat Quang from VIC Group, Dr. Linh Nguyen from RMIT campus and Cris D. Tran from Infinity Blockchain Ventures. They gathered together to share their unique viewpoints from their diverse academic backgrounds and give their perspectives towards current financial situations during the pandemic.

Giving Insights about Present Investment Strategy

The sharing session focused on strategic investments during the Covid19 pandemic. While low and medium-risk investments are considered to be highly safe at this time, crypto investment is viewed as a high-risk event due to the inconsistency of the current crypto market. 

A technology industry veteran, Mr. Quang shared his viewpoint: “Putting your bitcoin in trade at this time is akin to playing with fire and the marketplace is in an unstable state”. In the session, Mr. Quang was the one who pointed out that the crypto market was currently unstable due to the current pandemic, and investors should wait until the market recovers. 

Besides, Mr. Jack mentioned that the market was affected both positively and negatively, so investing was fine, but investors should take more of a long term view and not only bank on short-term gains.

Watchers and Speakers Come Together as One 

Apart from sharing opinions about the crypto market and financial situation, the AMA also brought up conversations among watchers and speakers. Numerous questions and cases were shared and thoroughly discussed. 

For the rest of the forty-five minutes, all the players were brought together to take those matters into consideration. Social impact and legality, not excluded, are in the hot seat. In particular, one follower raised a problematic doubt:

“To what extent, does national law work towards blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in Vietnam?”. In addition, from the aspect of finance, Dr. Linh Nguyen shared her experience and information about how the government deals with the national economy when facing the dilemma.

What Does The Future Hold?

Ultimately, it was essentially an event to welcome all specialists from different backgrounds of industry speciality and academia. After an hour of discussion, the online sharing session served followers with a wide-angle view of the current economic state and the technological considerations in which smart investment strategies take place during the current VCovid19 pandemic. 

The promise and potential for the ecosystem remain robust for business investors, and this will certainly go a long way towards alleviating this problematic scenario. Unblock Vietnam edition is an online sharing session utilizing Facebook Live aimed to connect tech-interest people and specialists to share knowledge and perspectives.

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