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Nurul Zamrè

July 23, 2020

Asia Blockchain Review recently had a chat with the co-founder of MoneyMatch, and Managing Partner of TH Capital, Naysan Munusamy on the ordeal of the financial ecosystem in the current markets. This is Part 2 of the conversation.

When it comes to financial data, everyone pays attention. Nonetheless, things can only get rougher when it is not being identified, verified and most importantly, satisfied by the users.

When the topic of “future technologies” were being discussed at large in any spectrum of communities, the idea comes around to “do we even need this” or “it’s too complicated”.

Changes happen for many reasons, albeit; knowing why the change happened or needed too, allows us all as a community to understand why revolution had to happen or, are meant to happen even if it is now, or in the next couple of years.

Business At Its Finest

“Redefining the way people send money abroad” is what MoneyMatch lives up for. Knowing the roots of it being able to serve the community a better cross-border payments service than the status quo has made a huge difference.

“We are making international money transfers the way it should be – simple, lost-cost and transparent” said Naysan.

Finance is a controversial topic for many sectors. From security to transparency, the process of all made MoneyMatch a word of mouth phenomenon. How do you stay afloat to defeat the norm of money transactions from one point to another?

Naysan: By hiring people that are smarter than me! The one and only advantage that MoneyMatch has over its competitors is its awesome, lean & mean team of local staffs in Malaysia and Brunei growing our startup aggressively.

Chatting over the whole aspect of smart people means that the way they think would also affect the organization at large. Knowing that advantage taking place, Naysan attests that building a team of differences creates the uniqueness of how the end-product of any entity would be.

Evolving into the future technology in the 21st century, how far do you think will you be assisting the communities into the system of fair and square for all?

Naysan: We have already embarked on multiple blockchain initiatives, one such being with Ripple where we are focused on bringing down the cost of cross border payments for imports for Small Medium Enterprises to be as competitive as what the big corporate would get from the big banks.

Nonetheless, the work doesn’t stop there and we have multiple other initiatives planned out in the near future; especially to help with the current “lock-down” period of COVID-19 that many people around the world are facing now.

Kuala Lumpur is a huge city with so much potential to explore for many people. Do you see a spike of growth in the Financial industry the next few years with MoneyMatch offering low-cost transfer, accuracy, extensive coverages and a guaranteed safety?

Naysan: Before this global pandemic, I would have been a lot more cheery, but the fact of the matter is that our nation is relatively dependent on both oil and gas and also travel and tourism industry.

Both of which, will take a while to recover; therefore  I see Malaysia’s growth pretty impeded in the next year plus. Nonetheless, the fundamentals of the nation’s economy remains strong and we at MoneyMatch will continue to stay focus on bringing the cost down to our customers especially our SME segment who are under-served here in this market.

Any plans for MoneyMatch in the next few years?

Naysan: Yes indeed. Quite a fair bit though mostly confidential. But to put it in a nutshell, we are looking at expanding both geographically as well as to eventually introduce new relevant solutions to our customers.

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