The Adoption of Blockchain to Centralise the Food Industry

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February 13, 2020

Managing the system of the food industry can be challenging. Fundamentally, blockchain is a chain, or a set of linked chains which is recorded in many places and provides transparency in the overall process. Founder of Smartbite, Gabriele Fadda tells Asia Blockchain Review why it is the next development change for the world. 

Identifying and understanding blockchain as a distributed ledger technology (DLT) can be quite daunting for any entity. It is a distributed system as opposed to a centralised one, which allows the overall transparency, security and validity of the transactions viewed in a holistic manner.

Blockchain Manage The Food System

In the food industry, a lot of parties are involved. For instance, there are food suppliers, retailers, managers, distributors and last but never the least – the consumers. The usage of blockchain in the whole process will not just ease the overall transaction and activities but will provide a tamper-proof layer for everything from one end to another; providing a secure and transparent environment to all parties.

“Smartbite is a B2B entity where a lot of arrangements are required from all parties that we interact with. Thus, the technology of blockchain is not only going to make everything easier, accessible; but will also allow us to track every single activity being done on the platform.” said the founder of Smartbite, Gabriele Fadda.

Digital Transformation On The Spotlight

Malaysia is developing technological transformation as the years go by. Looking at how things have been shared across and utilised, data trust is considered a comprehensive development, added Fadda. However, growth had to happen, and the traditional way of doing everything is still being scaled up due to any circumstances that may or may not happen.

The DNA of transparency is visible in Blockchain, thus making the technology very thorough, detailed and systematic for anything and everything in the development of any entities, especially when transactions, identifications and verifications are trackable and permanent.

SmartBite is an employee benefit organisation that offers food solutions to corporate entities. It was founded by Gabriele Fadda, Romeo Bellon, Gianfranco Monzini and Max Holvast in 2016 and fully established in 2018. Currently, the focus of SmartBite is vastly on the convenience of food accessibility, authenticity and overall management. Its services focused on Central Kuala Lumpur as the main spot, working with the best restaurants and caterers.

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