Tech Mahindra, TBCASoft Collaborate on Cross-Carrier Blockchain Platform

March 16, 2019

Tech Mahindra has announced it is teaming up with California-based blockchain startup TBCASoft to promote the Cross-Carrier Blockchain Platform for the telecom industry.

The partnership between TBCASoft and Tech Mahindra – a multinational India-based provider of information and networking technologies solutions – promotes the use of the Cross-Carrier Blockchain Platform in areas like supply chain, contract management, roaming billing and taxes, identity management, and mobile transactions.

TBCASoft leads the Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG), a global consortium of telecom carriers. CBSG Consortium members and partners are in the process of building blockchain-based services on the platform.

Ling Wu, founder and CEO of TBCASoft and Co-Chairman of the CBSG Consortium, stated, “Global carriers have already provided reliable and ubiquitous networks. By partnering with TBCASoft under the CBSG Consortium, carriers are able to create and extend their services beyond traditional markets and borders.”

Wu also indicated ever-increasing demand from global telecom carriers to join the consortium’s blockchain collaboration with TBCASoft. According to him, “carriers may need additional expertise in planning new services in emerging areas.”

Rajesh Dhuddu, Global Practice Leader of Blockchain for Tech Mahindra, said:

Telcos continue to push the frontiers of digital transformation to provide a completely new customer experience,” and “Tech Mahindra has been devising various Blockchain solutions leveraging enterprise Blockchain protocols to help telcos around the world achieve higher net promoter scores, lower operational costs, and higher profitability.

Dhuddu added that consortium would play a pivotal role in taking these solutions to telecom firms and helping them unlock multiple benefits.

Manish Vyas, President of Communications, Media & Entertainment Business and CEO of Network Services at Tech Mahindra, said that telecom firms, driven by a strong need to transform operations and tap into new forms of monetization, are leveraging the disruptive power of blockchain. Vyas said:

Blockchain also complements the 5G network rollout plan of telcos as it opens up new opportunities to monetize transactions happening across the network and complements existing technologies to achieve greater security

The Cross-Carrier Blockchain Platform has been recognized as a means to empower carriers with features like transparency, security, and near real-time transactions.

Tech Mahindra has also teamed up with Microsoft to develop a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)-based solution to create an ecosystem in compliance with regulations set forth by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to combat unsolicited commercial communications, also known as spam calls.

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