South Korean Top Satellite Operator KT SAT Focusing on Blockchain, Other New Tech

February 4, 2019

South Korea’s top telecommunications company KT Corporation is focused on developing new tech. especially blockchain technology. This is with respect to expanding the limits of existing satellite operations.

KT Corporation, South Korea’s biggest telecommunications company and satellite operator is looking to experiment with blockchain.

KT SAT, according to reports is Korea’s only satellite communication operator with about 50 years of satellite experience. KT SAT has launched a working team to look into the use of upcoming technologies especially blockchain. This is with respect to expanding the limit of the existing satellite industry.

KT SAT Eco Alliance

This initiative was unveiled at the company’s event on the 22nd of November “2018 KT SAT Partners Day,” and was tagged KT SAT Eco Alliance. Its major role is to bring together companies whose main focus is on tech fields such as the Internet of Things (IoT),
cybersecurity, 5G, and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) such as blockchain.

According to reports, one of KT SAT plan is to carry out several events directed to three major information and communications technology (ICT) fields. Fields such as password security, blockchain, and maritime satellite communication platforms. The company plans to carry out several workshops, seminars, and debates related to these industries.

CEO of KT SAT Han Won-sik stated at the event that the KT SAT Eco Alliance attempts to meet the requirements of a local and global leader in the satellite market. He claimed that the industry needs to continue to discover new services through new ICT convergence.

Blockchain Gaining Recognition In The Telecommunication Industry

Blockchain technology is receiving a lot of attention in the telecommunications industry. In November  IBM, a global tech company formed a partnership with top Spanish telecommunications firm, Telefónica. This partnership was to introduce a means of managing traffic on international mobile phone calls using blockchain technology.


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