SAP Malaysia And The New Normal

Anil Prabha

July 1, 2020

As corporations try to pivot to realign their priorities and re-imagine their operations to remain agile and competitive, SAP Malaysia is at the forefront of this transformative phase. We delve into these topics and more in our fifth part of our interview series with K.C. Hong, Managing Director of SAP Malaysia.

Moving on to the broader topic of where we are now in regards to the pandemic and the new normal; how do you see factors like remote working, automation and digital transformation playing a role in our future? Is Malaysia and the greater APAC region ready for this brave new world? 

We’re living in a world of exponential change and constant disruptions…more than ever, growth is synonymous with innovation…done right, businesses can turn new technologies into a powerful force for transforming and redefining their own future. At SAP, we focus on bringing the best combination of break-through technology innovations together to help business accelerate your business agenda.

It has been said that the underlying technology of blockchain will form as a foundation for cutting edge technologies like 5G, AI/ML, IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing to exist seamlessly in a thriving IT ecosystem. What’s your take on this?

SAP believes in improving trust and efficiencies in a network-driven world with blockchain technologies. We believe that blockchain can be harnessed to transform business processes and make our customers become best-run businesses.

The SAP Cloud Platform service helps businesses close the gap between information and knowledge. They can build pilot and productive blockchain applications based on enterprise-grade open source technologies such as Hyperledger Fabric, Multichain, and Quorum and integrate them with SAP landscapes. With its connect-your-own-network capability, businesses can also link external blockchain nodes to SAP Cloud Platform.

With the SAP HANA Blockchain service, businesses can bring intelligent enterprise to life by connecting their external blockchain networks to SAP HANA, the powerful in-memory data platform. Accessed through its cloud platform blockchain application enablement, this service offers cutting-edge analytical and developmental capabilities for working with blockchain data.

Success Stories Abound

A success story that I can share with you is Zuellig Pharma, one of the largest healthcare services groups in Asia serving more than 350,000 medical facilities across 13 markets…here, the company is furthering its purpose to make healthcare more accessible by harnessing blockchain technology to address counterfeit medicine, cross-border trading and product recalls…the team leveraged SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite to facilitate coordination across the healthcare supply chain.

Another success story is how Bumble Bee Foods collaborated with SAP to use blockchain technology to track fresh fish from ocean to table.  Bumble Bee Foods, one of the largest producers of seafood has partnered with SAP to put this solution in the hands of consumers, who will be able to scan packaging in stores to be reassured that their produce reaches the standards they expect. As everything is backed by encryption, the consumer scanning the barcode can tell that it hasn’t been tampered with at any point, and the fish they’re taking home to eat was genuinely caught at the time and location indicated by the entry on the blockchain made by the fishers.

Be sure to tune in to our sixth part of this interview series next week with K.C. Hong, Managing Director of SAP Malaysia.

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