San Marino Approves National Green Pass, Allowing Citizens And Residents To Move Freely

July 7, 2021

HØVIK, Norway, July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The San Marino Great and General Council approves Decree-Law no. 109 of 16 June, which puts in place its own green vaccination pass. This equips citizens, residents and others vaccinated in the territory with a certificate in line with the EU standards.

The San Marino Digital Covid Certificate covers vaccination against Sars-Cov2, past infection or negative test result, and has a validity of 1 week starting 15 days after the first vaccination dose or 9 months from the completed vaccination cycle.

“The San Marino Digital Covid Certificate is an important tool that aligns the Republic with the technological standards used by the EU, assuring total interoperability while also adding a ‘universal’ certification method based on blockchain technology,” comments Engineer Lorenzo Spadoni, President of San Marino Innovation.

The certificate contains two QR codes:

  • The first one aligns with the EU requirements;
  • The second one is verifiable by anyone anywhere. This is enabled by a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), i.e. a unique and non-repeatable certificate that guarantees the immutability by being registered on VeChainThor public blockchain.

This innovative solution was developed with the support of VeChain, one of the world’s leading public blockchain platforms. DNV is an independent leader in assessment services and a pioneer in digital assurance solutions.

Renato Grottola, Global Director Growth and Innovation at DNV said: “The San Marino Digital Covid Certificate is an extremely portable certificate. Anyone can potentially verify a certificate without the need to download a specific app. The use of VeChain’s blockchain technology and, in particular NFT, makes it possible to increase confidence in the authenticity of the information.”

Renato Grottola, VP and Global Innovation & Growth Director in DNV (left) and Roberto Ciavatta, Secretary of State, Ministry of Health and Social Security, Republic of San Marino (right)
Renato Grottola, VP and Global Innovation & Growth Director in DNV (left) and Roberto Ciavatta, Secretary of State, Ministry of Health and Social Security, Republic of San Marino (right)

A national information system has been set up to make it possible to download the certificate directly from one’s own electronic record. All personal data processing follows GDPR regulations. The minimum set of data required to verify authenticity does not include any personal data.

Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain, said, “Not long after we brought up the idea of enterprise NFT, the Digital Covid Certificate presents a perfect case in this sector, which is also a new solution to help the government gain ground in the fight against COVID-19. VeChainThor provides a well-balanced infrastructure for government, public and private sectors to work together to create a single, standardized verification system.”

The Blockchain Solution

The San Marino Digital Covid Certificate uses a public key for issuance and validation, ensuring the integrity, authenticity and control of data contained therein. The solution is derived from synergies created among San Marino Innovation S.p.A, the joint DNV and VeChain team and the Secretariat of State for Health of the Republic of San Marino.

According to the Ministry of Health and Social Security, the extremely efficient development is owed fully to the multi-layered, fruitful collaboration between San Marino’s public entities and private partners DNV and VeChain. The solution and technology behind it was presented in June to the WHO at a European Committee meeting as well as the Russian RDIF fund.

Certificate example:

The Institute for Innovation, Republic of San Marino

The Institute for Innovation of the Republic of San Marino is a state-owned private company. The Institute has the primary task of creating an ecosystem for the development of innovation in the Republic, supporting the incubation of high-tech enterprises. Moreover, it supports the state in the implementation of innovative technologies at the service of citizens and the public administration.


DNV is an independent assurance and risk management provider, operating in more than 100 countries. Through assessment and digital assurance solutions, DNV helps companies build trust and transparency around products, assets, supply chains and ecosystems.  Combining sustainability, supply chain and digital expertise, DNV works to create new assurance models enabling interaction and transaction transparency across value chains. Drawing on our wide technical and industry expertise, we work with companies worldwide to bridge trust gaps among consumers, producers and suppliers.


Founded in 2015, VeChain aims to connect blockchain technology with the real world through a custom-built ecosystem for businesses. VeChain is pioneering the application of public blockchain on real-world use cases, and already works with large public and private companies on a global scale.

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