Rohan Hall Talks DX and Covid-19

Anil Prabha

July 15, 2020

Asia Blockchain Review recently caught up with Rohan Hall about his company, Vottun, and its solution to help mitigate the risks in terms of reopening sporting venues across the US which are suffering from the Covid-19 crisis. This is the second part of our interview series.

There is also a concern that Covid-19 related pressures may be making Digital Transformation (DX) a tad bit rushed these days. A recent report suggested that these hasty measures being implemented may not be future proofed. What’s your take on this issue?

I think of this as a global pivot.  Businesses need to change to adapt to the new reality.  If you’re not able to make the change you may be left behind and become irrelevant.  Many enterprises move at a very different pace than startups.

Vottun was faced with a similar situation at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We realized that there needs to be a way to determine based on test results who was safe to re-enter the general population for work, events, sports, schools while considering the safety of all.

We made a decision to utilize our technology architecture in terms of DX to pivot to provide this solution since we already had all the needed components.  We were the first anywhere to provide a fully standards based Proof of Health certificate, which is sometimes referred to as an Immunity passport.

Being first to market with this technology we were able to create partnerships with organizations like PwC and some major consulting and technology firms, and are actively working with different partners in various countries to deploy this solution to get people back to work, events, school and normal every day life.

Coming to the recent news that Vottun has announced the use of its platform in terms of DX to restart sporting events in the US and perhaps other parts of the world. Tell us more about this.

After some research it was clear regarding the components that would be needed, what we already had, what we needed to build.  Vottun is like the WordPress for Blockchain.  Our technology is a middleware that can connect to any public or private blockchain where we can use our REST API platform to easily build elegant blockchain use cases.

Essentially, because we connect to blockchains and we publish Rest APIs to develop different modules and use cases we could easily build a solution for the Covid-19 pandemic.  We built it to connect with our partners blockchains and run on different cloud infrastructures.  So for Oracle, we are running on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and connecting to Oracle Blockchain.

For PwC we are running on AWS and connecting to Hyperledger.  We also connect to public blockchains like Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, and private blockchains including Quorum, and Alastria blockchain in Spain. The solution is now being used to get employees back to work, get students back to school, players and fans back sporting events, and working with partners to get citizens back into society for certain countries.

The deployment of the solution is very easy.  Healthcare facilities can publish test results, the person that was tested receives the test result as verifiable credentials in their mobile phone, which include a QR code that can be scanned and cryptographically verified and authenticated to get them into work or an event.  We de-identify test results, encrypt the information, and cryptographically verify all test results.  We are GDPR, California CCPA, HIPAA, W3C compliant.

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