Philippines’ Ticket2Me Startup Gets Investor, Set for Expansion
editor - March 13, 2019

Singapore’s Citystate Group has announced its move to invest in the Philippines’ Ticket2Me, a blockchain-powered ticketing services provider, with the ultimate goal of gaining a foothold in Southeast Asia.

The startup received $350,000 in capital with plans to expand its operations to key cities in the region, including Hong Kong and Malaysia, in addition to its existing presence in the Philippine metropolises of Manila and Cebu.  

Ticket2Me was founded in 2017 and describes itself as, “Southeast Asia’s first blockchain-enabled ticketing marketplace.” The startup also provides other services, such as event registration as well as audience analytics catering to organizers and other parties. As part of its expansion, the startup set up a regional office in Singapore in 2018.

Ticket2Me also revealed that one of its short-term goals is to offer tokens using blockchain technology to event organizers and participants, so that they can use it to make payments on the platform.

The startup’s digital ticketing platform, apart from being accessible via its mobile site and website, is also user-friendly for both iOS and Android users across various devices.

Julie Haw, Director of Citystate Group Pte. Ltd., said, “Citystate Group recognizes that there is great market potential for a ticketing platform with regional ambitions and the flexibility to serve local communities for all their venue and event ticketing needs.”

Citystate Group has a presence across multiple countries, from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, to Singapore, and Philippines, due to its recent investment in Ticket2Me startup. The group holds a total of 55 subsidiaries in various industries, such as lifestyle travel, food and beverage, restaurant management, property development and management, education, as well as insurance underwriting and brokering.


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