ICP Hub Singapore Partners with Morpheus Labs for Olympus Accelerator Programme

May 29, 2024

SINGAPORE, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ICP Hub Singapore is thrilled to announce its partnership with Morpheus Labs, a leading AI-powered low-code platform, as part of the Olympus Accelerator Programme. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in fostering innovation and accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology across Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

ICP Hub Singapore Partners with Morpheus Labs for Olympus Accelerator Programme
ICP Hub Singapore Partners with Morpheus Labs for Olympus Accelerator Programme

About Morpheus Labs

Morpheus Labs is renowned for its comprehensive AI-powered, low-code platform that simplifies and accelerates the implementation and integration of Web3 and blockchain applications. Their all-in-one solution is designed for enterprises and developers, providing the necessary tools, infrastructure, and resources to efficiently build, deploy, and manage Web3 and blockchain applications. Morpheus SEED supports various blockchain protocols and integrates seamlessly with existing systems, making it a versatile and powerful tool for businesses seeking to leverage blockchain technology.

Olympus Accelerator Programme

The Olympus Accelerator, an initiative funded with USD 15 million by the DFINITY Foundation, is a decentralized global acceleration platform designed to support and scale innovative blockchain projects. Olympus is unique in its open-source approach, encouraging collaboration and transparency. The accelerator partners with startups and projects across all categories, providing them with resources, mentorship, and funding to accelerate their development and market entry.

Morpheus Labs Joins Olympus Accelerator

As a mentor and partner of the Olympus Accelerator, Morpheus Labs will benefit from the extensive resources and support provided by ICP Hub Singapore and the DFINITY Foundation. This partnership fosters a collaborative environment that accelerates blockchain adoption and innovation.

The collaboration will also provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and joint initiatives, driving the development of groundbreaking blockchain solutions. Additionally, this partnership will help onboard more potential projects, foster institutional adoption, and demonstrate the transformative potential of these technologies in real-world applications.

ICP Hub Singapore’s Role

ICP Hub Singapore, one of 23 country hubs funded by the DFINITY Foundation, is responsible for ecosystem growth and the adoption of ICP technology and web3 aggregation strategy. As the largest such programme in the world since its inception in early 2023, ICP Hub Singapore is committed to supporting innovative projects and fostering a thriving blockchain community across Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

A World-First Open-Source Approach

The Olympus Accelerator’s open-source approach is a world-first in the accelerator landscape, promoting a collaborative environment where participants can contribute to and benefit from shared resources and collective expertise. This approach aligns with the ethos of blockchain technology, emphasizing decentralization, transparency, and community-driven development.

Looking Ahead

The partnership between ICP Hub Singapore and Morpheus Labs represents a significant step forward in accelerating blockchain innovation in the region. By leveraging the strengths of both organizations, this collaboration aims to drive the development and adoption of advanced blockchain solutions, contributing to the growth of a vibrant and dynamic blockchain ecosystem.


Aaron Ting, Director of ICP Hub Singapore:

“We are excited to welcome Morpheus Labs to the Olympus Accelerator Programme. Their platform’s capabilities and innovative approach align perfectly with our mission to foster blockchain adoption and ecosystem growth in Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. Together, we look forward to supporting groundbreaking projects and driving forward the future of blockchain technology.”

Chuang Pei-Han, CEO of Morpheus Labs:

“Joining the Olympus Accelerator is a fantastic opportunity for Morpheus Labs. The resources, support, and collaborative environment offered by ICP Hub Singapore and the DFINITY Foundation will enable us to simplify Web3 transformation and contribute to the advancement of blockchain technology. We are eager to embark on this journey and make a significant impact in the blockchain space.”

For more information about the Olympus Accelerator Programme or to explore partnership opportunities, please contact us at https://internetcomputer.org/Olympus .

About ICP Hub Singapore:

ICP Hub Singapore is a leading innovation hub dedicated to supporting and promoting advancements in AI and blockchain technologies. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, we aim to drive technological progress and foster a thriving ecosystem in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and beyond. Please visit: http://www.x.com/icphub_sg

About Morpheus Labs:

Morpheus Labs is a leading AI-powered low-code implementation and integration platform, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to facilitate the development and deployment of blockchain-based projects. Focused on driving adoption and innovation, Morpheus Labs empowers developers and enterprises to harness the full potential of Web3 technologies. Through its platform, businesses can seamlessly transition from Web2 to Web3, leveraging low-code AI solutions that enhance efficiency and unlock the full potential of blockchain technology. For more information, please visit https://morpheuslabs.io/

About Olympus Accelerator: The Olympus Accelerator is a decentralized global acceleration platform funded with USD 15 million by the DFINITY Foundation. It supports innovative blockchain projects through an open-source approach, providing resources, mentorship, and funding to help them scale and succeed.

About DFINITY: DFINITY is a technology company focused on developing the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), a scalable and efficient blockchain network. With its R&D lab based in Switzerland, DFINITY is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, driving the next generation of decentralized applications.

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