Humanising the Human Resource Industry through Blockchain

Asia Blockchain Review
February 25, 2020

As the year progresses, changes are bound to transform the way we do things. This also includes the way we interact, respond and accept anything and everything that comes our way. With the help of the advanced technology of Blockchain; the human resource field is further direct, transparent and reliable in a more constructive method.

Asia Blockchain Review recently had a chat with Rena Tan, the Regional Marcomms Director of SEA & Greater China at Randstad Singapore with regards to the way things work in the Human Resource world and the advancement of Blockchain in the industry. 

Efficiency, Productivity and Reliability

Time, effort, and costs are crucial in any organization. With the application of Blockchain in space, the opportunities to explore further are globally accepted due to it making everything trustworthy, verified, reliable and easily accessible. 

Randstad recently joined Velocity Network Foundation (VNF) as a founding board member to reinvent the way personal data such as education, skills and work history is being distributed and presented in the space of Human Resource. Thus, with a trustworthy network, the access is secured, yet managed in a transparent way that Blockchain has been utilising. Moreover, smart tokens are and can also be used to reward employees for achieving certain KPI’s or milestones in their respected organisations.

People Leave their Managers, not their Jobs.

Often times, human resources are being looked at as the managers of the community in the organisation. However, the task is usually more than that. Technology has not just helped assist, screen and qualify the candidates and the talents that various companies have; but to overly check the authenticity and progression.

With the basis of managers knowing exactly what their employees are doing; how they are feeling and progressing in their tasks and whatnot, it automatically activates the humane part of the human resource industry despite it being done through the technology of Blockchain. Current progression can be time-consuming, mundane and extremely menial according to Rena, as the technology can be implemented to allow HR personnel to fully dedicate their skills to active human creativity traits in the organisation.

Rise above the Noise

Employees retention is common if one cannot identify the overall reasoning towards the milestone of their candidates. Being able to have a conversation can be difficult to some entities, hence; the usage of technology in implementing the ideal employee organisational experience shall be adapted in the current development era. 

Consequently, there is no perfect candidate, but there is always a perfect moment to identify the perfect reasoning for every decision being made. In short, data and technology usage has become agile, flexible, responsive, and productive, added Rena.

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