How can Blockchain Change the Health Sector?

Asia Blockchain Review
January 15, 2020

As we know, healthcare systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks because their legacy infrastructures put data at risk. Since blockchain enables institutions to decentralize their databases, blockchain-based healthcare systems can substantially reduce their exposure to cyber threats.

Role of Blockchain in the healthcare sector

Transparency: Blockchain extends a great deal of transparency, as every transaction is recorded and verified publicly.

Immutability: All patient data recorded on the blockchain cannot be altered by anyone once it has been entered. This includes the system administrator and third-party users. 

This assures doctors and patients that their health data is genuine and unaltered.

Security: On Blockchain-based platforms, patient data is stored across all the systems instead of a centralized database, which enhances its security and makes it hack-proof.

Will Blockchain help with global healthcare issues?

Blockchain technology has the full ability to help with global healthcare issues by placing the patient at the center of the healthcare ecosystem and enhancing the security, privacy, and interoperability of medical records.  With blockchain, members of the healthcare industry can benefit from a distributed ledger to securely access and exchange a patient’s electronic records without having to deal with a complex system of brokered trust.

The most unique aspect of a blockchain is that once a piece of patient’s information is added to the distributed ledger, no one can alter it. The information stored on a blockchain is secure in its entirety. For anyone to make a change in one block, it is mandatory to make changes to all subsequent blocks.

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