Guidelines for Digital Equity Released by Swiss Blockchain Federation

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December 21, 2019

The Swiss Blockchain Federation has issued guidelines for issuers of digital equity and related tokens that are expected to help small and medium-sized enterprises implement the practice of equity issuance and trading on a blockchain and fully leverage the technology.

Next Steps for Blockchain Adoption

According to Asset Servicing Times, the Swiss Blockchain Federation stated that the guidelines aimed to demonstrate the next steps and recommendations related to the issuance of digital equity tokens.

Moreover, these latest guidelines offered rare insights into foreign issuers, who may be considering whether to create security tokens under Swiss law.

Experts who worked together to publish the document included Khalil Aouak, Diego Benz, Hans Kuhn, Luzius Meisser, Daniel Rutishauser, Peter Schnürer, Christopher Schütz, Alexander Thoma, Claudio Tognella, and Rolf Weber.

The Swiss Blockchain Federation added that the guidelines outlined how financial instruments such as shares are digitized, given that this type of asset is different from other tokens as it offers various legal rights to investors.  

The organization stated that these established instruments could help firms adopt the new guidelines quickly without having to undergo complicated legal evaluation or navigate multiple legal procedures. 

Promoting Digital Assets in Switzerland

The federation says that publishing the guidelines will promote transparency and governance for these types of assets, which are crucial to developing a “healthy” capital market. 

Moreover, the Swiss Blockchain Federation stated that it is “convinced” that, in the future, capital markets will be completely digitized and that Switzerland will be ready to take on a leading role in this area.


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