Earn Money on these 16 Ethereum Blockchain-based Games

February 26, 2019

Online gaming using blockchain technology is one of the more obvious signs that Ethereum and blockchain may change the face of the entire gaming industry. While many are concerned about adoption, scalability, and network upgrades, gaming may be one of the areas that stand to gain the most from the technology. All gamers own digital assets and virtual currencies in games. These incentive systems can benefit from the implementation of blockchain, which will enhance transparency and security for gamers and their possessions.

The key to the implementation of blockchain in the gaming industry is non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or ERC-721 tokens. Previously, players in Ethereum had been using ERC-20 tokens, which are fungible tokens. That means it has a fixed value, as is the dollar, which can be freely exchanged with its counterpart. However, a non-fungible token means that it does not have a fixed value, and each token is unique to itself.

With the emergence of non-fungible tokens, game developers are creating online games that are built around liquid markets in the gaming ecosystem, which also allow players to trade assets across different games. Moreover, gamers can earn money playing these games, with some players reportedly earning over $600 in just three hours online.

The following 16 games use blockchain technology and can make money for players.

The first few games are those that let gamers purchase, sell, and trade tokens on Ethereum. Etheremon is a game where players capture, train, and trade digital creatures known as “Mons.” Cryptokitties is similar, but the creatures traded are digital cats. PlasmaBears deals with training and trading digital bears, which can also be sent on adventures to find valuable and tradable assets. 0x Universe is where gamers can create their own spaceships and travel in outer space, colonizing planets and trading resources along the way.

The next few games are battling games, where players can fight each other. Chibi Fighters allows gamers to trade and battle digital warriors and collect tradable weapons. Hyperdragons is similar but deals with unique digital dragons on the blockchain. MyCryptoHeroes deals with historical figures and Axie Infinity with unique digital fantasy creatures. Meanwhile, Gods Unchained is an online card trading game, while Blockchain Cuties deals with breeding and costuming creatures. World of Ether also offers gamers a chance to search for a legendary monster.

On the other hand, some gamers might enjoy strategy games, such as Decentraland, where gamers can own an NFT-based plot of land in a virtual reality world, or CryptoAssault, where gamers claim territory, gather resources, and battle enemies while training their own army in a 3D world. CryptoBaseball allows gamers to collect tokens that represent baseball players in the real world, while SuperRare and CryptoSketches allow users to trade artwork online.

Source: usethebitcoin.com, media.consensys.net

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