Crypto Platform Bcnex Collaborates with CoinAds on Marketing and Research

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August 8, 2019
Crypto Platform Bcnex Collaborates with CoinAds on Marketing and Research

Bcnex, a cryptocurrency blockchain trading platform, has announced a strategic partnership with crypto marketing agency CoinAds Ltd.

As reported by Viet Nam News, both teams will collaborate under the joint partnership for marketing while using the power of 8-BIT technology to handle research and listings.

Blockchain Technology and Advertising Experience

Throughout the agreement term, CoinAds’ social marketing branders and community management team, alongside its proprietary search and display ad network, will work to boost Bcnex.

“Bcnex fills a very specific need for users and projects in the cryptocurrency marketplace, and we needed a long term, strategic partner that could work with us in all aspects of project research, listings, and social and performance marketing. CoinAds has a track record and proven technology that suits us perfectly,” said Ngô Hoàng Quyền, CEO and co-founder of Bcnex.

CoinAds CEO Bruce Kurtz meanwhile noted that his agency is “experienced” in building campaigns for crypto exchanges, while also looking forward to bringing its knowledge and experience to Bcnex and helping it develop its user base.

Growing Demand for Reputable Crypto Exchanges

The Bcnex Exchange is slated to launch in mid-August 2019 amid growing demand for reputable exchanges in Asia and worldwide markets. With CoinAds’ help, Bcnex hopes to fulfill meet this demand while capturing the growing traders market.

Bcnex is regarded as a secure, reliable and user-centered blockchain trading platform, as well as a one-stop solution for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital currencies with ease. CoinAds meanwhile provides the means to generate new revenue in the blockchain space and draws from more than 20 years of experience in advertising technology.


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